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5 Coffee Making Items Every Family Should Have

5 Coffee Making Items Every Family Should Have

Whether you’re the type of person who doesn’t wish to speak or be spoken to before finishing your delicious and energy-boosting cup of joe, or are simply an avid coffee lover who likes to experiment with flavors and create countless coffee-based beverages, you simply need the right tools. After all, when a ritual such as this is essentially a pleasurable hobby, one must acquire all the equipment to turn coffee-making into a soothing art form. So, just in case you’re new to the ‘at home coffee-making game’ we’re here to steer you in the right direction so you can get that perfect cup in your very own home every morning (or any time of day for that matter).

First and foremost

You can have all the tools in the world, but you still won’t get the aroma and the flavor you desire unless you have a quality key-ingredient – the right coffee beans. There are two main types of bean families for you to choose from – Robusta and Arabica. Arabica has a more delicate flavor, while Robusta has higher acidity levels and is generally considered harsher, as it contains a higher level of caffeine. There is not really a right or wrong way to go about this, as this is purely a matter of preference. Then you have the choice between light, medium and dark roasted beans, which are again a matter of personal taste, but be careful when you choose your level of roasting, as each delivers a different taste.

A proud kitchen

It is a well-known fact that the best coffee comes from freshly ground beans, meaning that it’s best to grind them before proceeding to make that perfect cup. In the past, many coffee lovers used to dab into the art of manual grinding, but now that there exists an assortment of incredible and user-friendly coffee grinders, there is absolutely no need for menial labor. Now, owning a coffee grinder is a must only if you buy your coffee in beans and love making everything from scratch, especially if you have a highly particular taste and believe that no one can make your coffee the way you like it, except for you.

The crowd pleaser

Yes,  you could spend a great deal of time picking and grinding your beans, or you can take the easy, delicious and convenient route by simply browsing for the best coffee machines, machines that will do all the work with just a few clicks of the button and produce a superb cup of joe without a hitch every time. Nespresso for instance, offers a wide range of coffee machines online, including smart ones such as the Pixie Electric Titan, which actually informs you when the tank is almost empty. Another great thing about this type of coffee machines is that they come with coffee capsules and all you have to do is pick among a variety of capsules, press a few buttons and enjoy. This is particularly convenient if your family members have different preferences, not to mention that it will be a hit among your guests, as you’ll be able to provide the type of coffee-beverage that caters to each individual taste buds.

Your kitchen, your rules

Ok, a great coffee machine is a definite necessity as not everyone likes the same type of coffee. However, as said before, some people like to complete this process all by themselves, so when you’re brewing coffee just for you, a French press is definitely the way to go. They brew a deep cup of coffee with a bit of sediment at the bottom of every mug, which is something certain coffee lovers thoroughly enjoy. It’s fairly simple to use, so as far as a manually produced cup of coffee goes, the French press will give you exactly what you need.

The proverbial cherry on top

No true coffee-lover’s kitchen is complete without a milk frother. This little device beats the simple ‘poring milk over coffee’ by a landslide, so if you want the supreme coffee experience and a fully equipped kitchen, you will certainly want to invest in this handy device. The extra incentive is that the frother allows you to create a cappuccino when you’re in the mood for something milder, or simply add that rich thick foam on top. There are tons of both manual and electric frothers on the market, and you can find great ones that come at a really reasonable price, so when you’ve invested in the best beans, grinders, coffee machines, why not take the final plunge and finalize your kitchen in style.

In the end, of course, make sure your kitchen cabinets are filled with a variety of espresso cups as well as both cute and sleek coffee mugs. Admit it, you already have ‘your mug’ which no one else is allowed to touch, but that doesn’t mean you should let your guests and other family members drink their cup of joe from just any mug. A great coffee deserves to be served in style, so don’t skimp on this final detail.

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