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Job Seekers, Become Irresistible

Job Seekers, Become Irresistible

It can be disheartening when you’re a job hunter to find that your research is only gathering polite rejections. But there is nothing worse than not receiving any answer at all. More often than not, it’s an indication that the recruiter didn’t notice your resume, not as a fault on their part, but simply because other candidates profiles stood out in comparison. It is extremely frustrating when you want to make a positive impression on your potential future employer not to receive any chance to meet them. Without a face-to-face interview – or a skype call, depending on the situation – it can seem impossible to impress recruiters. But in reality, there are some strategies that you can use not only to become a noticeable candidate but to make yourself absolutely irresistible to employers.

What CV? Send a website

If you haven’t heard about Ninna from Airbnb, you need to learn from her story. Nina was a long-term job seeker, who felt that had tried everything to get a job at Airbnb until she realized that sending her CV was the only thing that she did. Admittedly; she did it repeatedly, and probably enhanced the CV throughout the process, but she still didn’t land a job, or even an interview. Until she decided to use a website instead of a resume to showcase her skills and ideas. Needless to say: She immediately got noticed. So if you recognize yourself in Nina’s struggles, it might be time to ditch the traditional CV approach and to start your own website instead. WordPress is a simple platform that can guide you through every step of the build without needing to learn code or web design. It’s not only user-friendly, but it’s an incredibly intuitive way to create an engaging portfolio that people will notice.

Prepare your answers to trick questions

When you boost your online presence with a website, you’re not only more likely to be seen by potential employers but also to get invited to a face-to-face interview. That’s precisely why you need to consider how to answer the interview question ‘what makes you unique’ or how to describe your career mistakes in a positive manner. Indeed, you need to impress recruiters in the flesh and make the most of your time with them. Ideally, you should plan relevant questions you’d like to ask about the company, the role or even the strategic direction of the business.

Let the network do the work for you

Even after a brilliant interview and a great website, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get the role. There are other candidates who may be just as skilled and engaging as you are. Consequently, it’s also a good idea to use your network to leverage your chances. The options on LinkedIn are almost infinite if you create a professional profile. You can even optimize the profile content for SEO to remain visible at all times. A tip to build a powerful network is to gather skill endorsements and use the publishing platform to interact with your connections.

Time to shake your profile out of the recruiting pile and to get yourself noticed! Landing your dream job is hard work, but it pays off in the end.

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