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A Cut Above: 4 Ways Hairdressers Can Capture More Clients

Visit a high street and you’ll stumble across a couple, if not more, hairdressing salons. Hairdressing salons have become an essential part of British grooming habits and have remained resilient in spite of a challenging economy in recent years. In January 2019, a market research report found that the hairdressing industry rakes in annual revenues of £4.1bn, supported by increased demand from men and rising treatment prices. However, the report also found that clients are becoming more willing to shop around, using the culture of internet price-comparing to find a salon with the best deals.

Client satisfaction and customer loyalty should remain a priority for hairdressers, so here we break down four ways salons can attract and retain clients.

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Promotional offers

As with most businesses, offering a promotion or discount to clients can hugely peak customer interest. Many salons offer an introductory discount for new customers, a customer referral scheme where clients gain discounts for inviting their friends, and a loyalty scheme or card for returning customers. Special offers don’t need to undermine your prices, however, as you can offer small luxuries as part of your treatments as a little ‘extra’. For example, attract customers by promoting a free Indian head massage with every cut and colour appointment. Most hairdressers are already skilled in head massage, so what will be of no expense to the business will appear an attractive bonus to clients.


Use social media

There’s no better avenue than social media for hairdressers to appeal to new or existing clients. Set up social media accounts for your salon, post photos of your work (clients particularly love before-and-after shoots), shoot promotional videos, answer frequently asked questions, and post your price list. Social media is also a great place for cheap advertising since platforms like Facebook offer advertising campaigns for as little as £1 a day.

A monthly email

Email is an easy, free, and quick way to keep in touch with your clients. Create an email campaign which makes them feel involved in your salon. A monthly email could showcase the best of your salon’s work that month, the latest styles and trends in hairdressing, any promotional offers and discounts, hair care tips and product suggestions. You could even create client-specific emails which are set up to remind them of their next hair appointment or prompt them to book another, especially if you have an online booking service.

Sponsor a local event

A great way to get your talent noticed by potential clients is to sponsor a local event, like a fashion show or music festival. As long as you have the appropriate hairdresser insurance you can do mobile hairdressing at a public event. Contact the event organizers and offer to do hair for free as long as your salon name and services are well promoted. Make use of your social media channels on the day and spread the word about your brand – pretty soon you’ll see some familiar faces at your salon door.

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