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Killer Resume For A Killer Job

Killer Resume For A Killer Job

If you’ve finally decided that enough really is enough and it’s time to quit your cubicle, then you’re going to need to you get yourself ready to get back out there and on the job market.

Be warned though, it’s a tough place, competition is fierce and you’ve been out of the game a while.

But whatever you’re looking for and however long you’ve been away from the job market, there are some practical steps you can take to get yourself seen ahead of the competition and give yourself a fighting chance of finding your next, best job.

Don’t Be Scared To Apply

It might seem like a whole pay grade above you but go for it. Your skills and experience may well set you apart from other candidates and if you’re looking for a new challenge then this could be it.

You might even want to think about jobs outside of your sector that demand the same skills but have them applied to a different set of criteria. Shake it up and see what comes out of sending in your killer resume and cover letter, which brings us to:

Killer Resume And Cover Letter

These two documents are the keys. They will help you unlock the interview process so do not rush when it comes to creating these pieces.

When it comes to your cover letter you’re looking at creating an impact from the opening paragraph. You need to give the reader ample reasons to invite you for an interview so this is where you need to, not only, introduce yourself but introduce the idea of why you would make a fantastic asset to the company.

Don’t get lost in a rambling letter, you want to keep it to one side. Answer all the questions about your skills and experience and explain why you’re the perfect fit. Don’t be afraid to sound confident and don’t use language such as “I think” or “I believe” but instead tell them “I am”.

Your resume should be no less direct and like your cover letter, the spelling, grammar and punctuation should be absolutely perfect.

Use resume templates if you need to and be prepared to change the look and language of your resume for each job you apply to.

Use this document to highlight your skills, both hard and soft that are set out in the job advertisement. You’ll want to be very specific about your experience and education too, tailoring it exactly to answer the person specification and job description. Make the information clear and easy to find, don’t make the recruiter have to work too hard for it.

Get your foot in the door of a job interview and let your natural confidence and ability do the rest. Be open minded about where you apply and find that job that ticks all the boxes. It might not happen overnight but with diligence and determination that next job is only a killer resume and cover letter away.

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