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Will Your Product Make A Splash Or A Dull Thud?

Will Your Product Make A Splash Or A Dull Thud?

So, you’ve come up with the product that you think will take the market by storm. Let’s assume that the design process has made that a reality. It’s not guaranteed that a product will be successful just because it’s good. You need to lay the groundwork a little more before it’s ready for launch if you want it to have a happy landing.

 Meet your market

There’s likely been some research into the market to make sure there’s space for your product and demand for it as well. However, that research needs to go further. You also have to think about where you’re going to sell it and what spaces you’re going to market it in. Are there any influencers your customers are most likely to listen to? Any ads they’re more likely to see? Marketplaces that fit your product that your consumers use most often? Make sure you use your market to construct an imaginary ideal customer and think of the best possible delivery route to them.

Test, test, and test again

Testing a product during the design phase is crucial, too. Not only is going to give it something of a trial by fire to make sure it does what it does without major complaint, helping you redraft and refine until it’s ready for launch. It’s a great way of collecting proof positive that it works and having results that make it credible, ready for advertising. Take samples to trade shows, get in touch with industry influencers and publications, and get it in the hands of the consumer. It does a lot to help build the buzz around the product, too.

Looks matter

People judge a book by its cover before they buy it. That’s a fact of life. Especially in a competitive market, if you’re trying to innovate on existing products, then branding helps decide where the products might look the same. Don’t take the visual element of the product lightly. Find out about custom packaging and make sure that you’re choosing brand imagery that best conveys the value of what you’re offering. In commercial settings, a great aesthetic will also make your product ripe for visual merchandising, meaning your sellers are likely to give it pride of place in the most visible parts of their stores.

Get on message

Leading up the launch, your branding should be in full throttle. This means you should think carefully about what message you want to send and how you send it. As mentioned earlier, finding the right advertising spaces for your market is an important step. But so is thinking carefully about what to prioritize. A good branding strategy is to focus on the unique selling point, what sets it apart from other competitors. But some products might benefit better from a more emotional appeal, focusing not just one the product itself, but what results and lifestyle changes it helps the customer benefit from.

Launching a product without the advice above can make it much less appealing, less trustworthy and even less visible. The launch is one of the most important moments in the business, so it’s worth taking your time and making sure that you’re ready for it.


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