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Looking After Baby: What Should Pregnant Women Say NO To In The Workplace?

Looking After Baby: What Should Pregnant Women Say NO To In The Workplace?

There’s no denying that the place of pregnant women in the workplace has improved no end. In the past, even going out of the house while pregnant was a major taboo. Now, it isn’t unusual for women to work right up until their birth dates.

But, given that pregnant women at work are still a fairly new phenomenon, there is still some way to go. Often, those you work with may fail to take your condition into account when delegating tasks. But, if you’re going to successfully juggle work and pregnancy, it’s essential you know when to say no. If you push yourself, you could damage your health, or that of your baby. And, if you do run into issues, you won’t be able to continue working at all. For the most part, your days should continue without interruption. But, don’t hesitate to refuse jobs which pose a risk to your pregnancy, such as the following three examples.

Physical work

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that a pregnant woman shouldn’t do physical work. But, you’d be surprised how many people forget this in a working environment. Even something as simple as carrying a box of papers is a no-go. As can be seen from sites like, this is especially crucial to bear in mind after the 20th week of pregnancy. Admittedly, there’s mixed information out there about the damage lifting can do. But, most doctors advise giving it a miss. Your body is under enough strain, without having to worry about heavy lifting. Plus, there’s no guarantee you won’t accidentally hurt your bump in the process. 

Restrictive uniforms

If you’re lucky enough to work in a job without uniforms, this issue won’t rear its ugly head. But, in careers such as retail and nursing, it’s not unusual for uniforms to be part of your position. Through attempts to save money or sheer lack of thinking, your employer may expect you to keep the same uniform through pregnancy. Not only will this become painful, but it’ll be a physical impossibility up to a point. As such, you need to say no to restrictive uniforms. At the very least, you’re within your rights to ask for a larger size. For ultimate comfort, you may even want to head to sites like and stock up on your own maternity alternatives. Either way, never let your boss make you feel like you have to remain uncomfortable.

Strong chemicals

You’re also within your rights to say no jobs involving strong chemicals. Anything, from paint to superglue, could have an adverse impact on your baby. This is such an important point that you could go as far as to request leave on days where such chemicals are in your workplace. This is a matter of safety, so no one can accuse you of shirking work. To make sure all is well, you could even offer to work from home on those days. Either way, make sure you aren’t in the office!

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