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Learn How To Successfully Juggle Work And Pregnancy

Learn How To Successfully Juggle Work And Pregnancy

Having a baby is arguably the biggest decision of your life. It affects you in so many ways, one of the most notable of which is in your career. When a guy becomes a dad, nothing really changes. They may have time off for paternity leave when the baby is born, but the months leading up to the birth are the same.

For a woman, things are different. You start carrying a baby in you while you work. So, you have all the physical and mental changes that happen when you’re pregnant, all while trying to get on with your work too. At some point, you will be too heavily pregnant to work and go on maternity leave.

But, it’s the months when you’re pregnant and working that is the biggest cause for concern. Mainly; how do you successfully juggle your career and your impending entry into motherhood? Working while carrying a child can be twice as hard as usual, so, how do you deal with everything? If you want to know the answers to these questions, then carry on reading the article below…

Try And Negotiate More Flexible Shifts

Morning sickness is very common in pregnant women. As a result, it can be very tough for you to get to work on time every morning. Instead of being in work at 9am, you’re throwing up in the toilet at home. Or, you may force yourself into work, but have to keep dashing to the bathroom because of your morning sickness. Realistically, it’s not ideal for any pregnant women to go to work when they’re feeling rough. Some women think that the only option is to just take an early maternity leave – but this can be frustrating as you feel like you can work throughout the rest of the day! Ideally, all you’re looking for are flexible shifts.

You’ll be pleased to know that negotiating more flexible shifts is fairly easy. Most business owners don’t want to hire a temporary replacement for you as it means more work and money spent. So, they’ll be eager to help you work for as long as possible. What’s more, they don’t want to be seen as discriminating against pregnant women by denying your request. If you work somewhere that operates on a flexible shift basis already, then you’re okay. Places like shops, restaurants, etc. will put different workers on different shifts throughout the day. All you have to do is request not to be on morning shifts, and swap with another worker. In your typical 9-5 jobs, you can ask to work from home for periods during the day/week. This allows you to do your usual work without distracting anyone in the office by running to the bathroom or turning up late. You still work as much as possible, your boss is happy; it’s a win-win!

Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable at work.

Make Yourself Feel More Comfortable At Work

Most jobs demand that you wear a certain type of clothing every day. Retail jobs have uniforms that you need to wear, office jobs have dress codes to follow, and so on. At the best of times, this can be quite annoying because the clothes you have to wear are slightly uncomfortable. But, when pregnant, the uncomfortable feeling is maximized by one hundred. This disrupts your work output, distracting you from regular daily tasks, and makes your job a lot harder.

Therefore, you need to focus on making yourself more comfortable at work. Doing so will get rid of the lingering distractions, allowing you to work to your full potential. Thankfully, there are plenty of maternity clothes you can buy that are suitable for working in. Things like maternity work pants are a great purchase as they can be used instead of tight work trousers. What makes them so good is the special material they’re made out of, and you can learn about it by going on any site that sells pants like these. Business owners will allow you to wear your maternity trousers, just as long as they’re the right color! What’s more, I suggest buying your uniform in a bigger size if you work in a job that demands you wear one. This means you still look the part but aren’t uncomfortably squeezing into a tiny top every day.

Be Open & Honest With Everyone

It’s easy to feel like your pregnancy is a bit of a burden for everyone at work. You may feel as though you hold everyone back, so you tend to try and keep your feelings hidden. The less fuss you make, the less anyone has to worry about you. This may seem like a good idea, but keeping your mouth shut can actually cause more harm than good. Let’s say someone asks you to carry a load of paper down the hall to another room in the office. You’re extremely tired, you don’t think you can do it, but you say nothing because you don’t want to be a burden. So, you put your body through unnecessary stress, which harms you.

Honesty is the best policy, and your coworkers will prefer that you’re open with them. They don’t mind as much as you think, particularly if your office has other women that have been pregnant before. People understand that life is tough for you during these nine months, and they’ll happily help you feel as comfortable as possible. So, if you feel like you can’t do something because of your pregnancy, then be honest about it. It’s not a big deal, and you prevent yourself from causing your serious damage to your body.

We believe in the resilience of pregnant and parenting students!

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Follow all this advice if you want to juggle work and pregnancy with a good degree of success. I’d also like to point out that you don’t have to worry about your career going down the drain when you become a mother. In the past, a lot of women thought they’d have to leave work forever and put their careers on hold to raise their baby. This isn’t the case, there are loads of part-time jobs and jobs out there where you can work from home. As such, don’t assume your career is over after giving birth!

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