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The Advantages Of Measuring Your Environmental Impact

The Advantages Of Measuring Your Environmental Impact

More and more businesses are going green. In the modern era, it’s the thing to do because it can cut costs, generate new leads, and boost awareness of the brand. With 86% of the US public expecting companies to act, it’s not as if you can afford to stay quiet.

There is a difference between implementing new strategies and measuring them. Sadly, lots of bosses do the former yet neglect the latter. As a result, there is no way to tell whether your environmental impact is positive or negative.

But, why is this important? Why should you and your business bother?

Efficiency And Productivity

Areas of the company can be analyzed to tell whether they are efficient enough. A manufacturer might look at material use or waste production, for example. However, you don’t have to be in the manufacturing game to take efficiency seriously. Every organization on the planet uses energy to power its processes. The ones that continue to be ineffective run the risk of lowering output levels and this impacts the business as a whole. From a financial standpoint, you stand to lose money because you’re paying for features that don’t work. It’s akin to flushing cash down the toilet.

Investment Opportunities

Morals are important for customers. Shoppers will vote with their feet if they feel the values of your company don’t align with theirs. As a result, clients are interested in green technology too. For them to invest, they need to know that there won’t be a backlash. Therefore, they will only pump money into a firm which will reward it with positive PR. Investment opportunities, then, are few and far between if you can’t prove you are a friend of the environment. Not only does it close off sales, but it shuts the doors to sponsors too.

Health And Safety

Company cars are signs of wealth and prestige. Plus, they’re excellent vehicles for the marketing effort. Employees drive far and wide and can grab the attention of a range of people without speaking or saying anything. The car says it all. So, why would you get rid of the fleet? It’s because of health and safety reasons. This accident lawyer deals with crashes on a regular basis which ranges from fatalities to serious and minor injuries. Businesses need their employees to be fit and healthy to push the brand to the next level, and they can’t do it from a hospital bed. With 6.3 million incidents in the US last year, driving is a risk.

Penalties And Fines

Let’s not forget that many businesses jumped before they were pushed. Government regulations meant companies had to adopt green technologies or else face action. And, it’s the same today. Local authorities punish organizations for flouting the rules with fines that decimate budgets. Plus, there are grants available for firms that decide to do their bit for the planet. All you have to do is provide evidence of your impact on the environment.

Can you afford to leave free money on the table?

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