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7 Ways to Prepare Yourself to Ask for a Promotion

7 Ways to Prepare Yourself to Ask for a Promotion

Asking for a promotion is a big deal. But if you feel like you deserve to move up in the company hierarchy, you must tell your boss how you feel. 

You didn’t pour your sweat and tears into your job without expecting something in return.

And if you’re valuable to the company, they should recognize that it’s your turn to get a promotion.

But before getting one, you’ll first need to meet with your boss. 

How can you prepare for this pivotal conversation? And what should you say? 

Here are seven ways to prepare yourself and get the promotion you deserve. 

1. Look for the Right Time

Don’t ask your boss right after the company lost an important client or let someone go.

It’s best to wait for the right time. A good time is when the company is building revenue and performing at a high level.

You may also want to wait until after a big achievement. If you recently secured a new client for the company, that’s an excellent argument for a promotion. Let your boss know that you’re an asset to the company. 

If it never seems like a good time to ask, that could lead to job complacency. So, if the company has been on a downward trajectory for years, you might have to approach your boss at a less-than-desirable time.

The truth is, you might be able to improve the company’s situation by getting a promotion. 

Don’t be afraid to set up a meeting with your manager. Be confident and explain how you can help the company press forward during a difficult time.

2. Plant the Seed 

Sometimes, it’s not about having a single meeting to ask for a promotion. 

Depending on the company and boss, it might be better to plant the seed gradually.

You likely have regular meetings with your boss, whether solo or with other co-workers. Look for opportunities to highlight both your and the team’s successes. 

During one-on-one meetings, remind your manager of the contributions you’ve made. Frame the conversations around how you’ve made an impact.

In time, you’ll be able to be more forthcoming about your desire for a promotion. 

3. Do Your Homework

In many ways, this situation is like preparing for a job interview.

To get a promotion, you’ll have to do your homework ahead of time. When choosing a time to meet with your boss, give yourself ample time for preparation.

To get ready, make sure you know your stuff. That means knowing which position you’d like and what makes you the best person for the job.

Write down your accomplishments and use them as your talking points. Cite specific examples of times you’ve helped the company succeed. 

Also, tell them about your future goals and how your skills can continue to help the company.

4. Practice with a Mentor

Before the meeting with your boss, do some role-playing with a mentor or co-worker. It can get you ready for the real meeting.

Have your mentor ask you some questions your boss might ask. As you talk, highlight your accomplishments and discuss why you deserve a new role.

Articulating your thoughts and saying them aloud will be excellent practice. 

Your partner can also let you know what you should work on or leave out. With a bit of preparation, you’ll no doubt knock your boss’ socks off! 

5. Bring Letters of Recommendation

Do you want to impress your manager? Bring endorsements, recommendations, and positive emails from supporters. 

It’s going to take some time to gather these documents, so ask your supporters well ahead of time. They’ll need enough time to put something together and get it back to you before your meeting.

These files should show that you’re making a positive impact on the company and your co-workers.

You’ll no doubt impress your boss and show them that you’re a strong team member. And better yet, they’ll love that other employees already see you as a leader.

6. Be Clear About What You Want

Not only should you be clear about which position you want, but also how much money you want.

Do research ahead of time to identify an appropriate salary for the position. Start high but have a minimum salary in mind in case your boss wants to negotiate.

It’s essential to be honest about what you think you deserve.

If you’re not sure how much money to ask for, talk to a mentor in your industry. They’ll be familiar with your job and can help you determine a reasonable salary.

7. Know What to Say if the Answer is No

Your manager may say it’s not the right time for a promotion. Or, they may not think you’re ready to move up in the company.

In case that happens, have a few questions in mind to ask your manager. Ask them what you’d have to do in order to be promoted.

This will help you decide whether you should start looking for work elsewhere or stick it out and work toward a future promotion.

Be honest about what your needs are while remaining open to the needs of the company. No one should expect you to work in the same role for the rest of your career.

In Conclusion

Now that you know how to impress your boss, your goal of landing a promotion should go off without a hitch! 

When you’re ready to advance, your boss should be happy that you took the initiative to ask for a promotion. 

Arrive at the meeting after doing extensive research. With dedication and initiative, you’ll show them that you’re eager to help the company thrive.

You’re going to ace your meeting if you show up prepared. Give it your best shot, and you’ll shine no matter the outcome!

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