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How to Effectively Monitor Your Social Media

How to Effectively Monitor Your Social Media

During the last decade, some marketers didn’t really see the potential of social media platforms. However, things are completely different these days.

For instance, recent HubSpot research has shown that more than 90% of marketers think that social media marketing is crucial to their success.

Furthermore, according to Social Media Examiner, staggering 97% of marketing professionals are participating in social media in one way or another.

How to maximize your social media efforts

Although social media marketing is extremely important, you can’t just spend your entire marketing budget on it, right? So, the next logical question is – what’s the solution here?

In short, you need social media monitoring tools that will allow you to keep track of keywords, social mentions, etc. across a number of platforms at the same time.

It’s no wonder that more than 85% of B2C marketers – according to Social Media Examiner research – say that social media monitoring tools are crucial for building an exceptional customer experience.

Why social monitoring matters

If you’re just posting on your social accounts, you’re basically just shouting into a megaphone without listening to anyone. Those who really want to engage their users on social media have to know what people want from their brand.

Otherwise, you’re probably heading in a direction your users don’t enjoy or can’t really relate to.

In addition, people have a pretty high standard when it comes to your response time. As a matter of fact, according to Search Engine Watch research, 70% of users expect to get an answer from a brand on Twitter and 53% of them want a response within an hour.

Your customers are talking about your brand, whether you like or not. And if they have some complaints, don’t you want to know what they are so you can make some improvements in the future?

How to monitor your social accounts

Whether you want to respond to your critics or simply learn more about your customers, you need to have the right tools to monitor your mentions on social media and blogs:

●       Social Mention

The first tool we have here is a great way to learn about your brand mentions in a simple, easy-to-understand format. Just type in the name, click on the “Search” button and you will see the links to your mentions. What’s more, Social Mention allows you to sort these links by source and timeframe.

●       Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the most popular conversation-monitoring tools on the market. It will help you to stay on top of your mentions on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn in real time. While you have the free version of the tool, it’s pretty limited, so you might consider purchasing a pro or an enterprise account.

●       Google Alerts

This service notifies you when Google finds new pages, articles or blogs that match the term or phrase you’ve selected. You just need to pick a few keywords – like the name of your company, for example – and Google will send you an email when someone mentions it.

Monitor your social media channels in 10 minutes

Once you establish a solid social media presence, you need to develop a habit of opening your networks and checking your email every morning in order to find relevant information.

●       3 minutes: Facebook

Start by logging into your Facebook account and respond to private messages, read new user-reviews and check to see if you have any new comments.

●       2 minutes: LinkedIn

Reading your LinkedIn group digest won’t take more than a minute or two. Plus, check the Company Page and see if anyone commented on it in the past 24 hours.

●       3 minutes: Twitter

Next, check your Twitter mentions and see if anyone talked about your company, or even your competition. You can easily do it through Social Inbox, or through bookmarked streams on Twitter.

●       2 minutes: Google Alerts

Lastly, while you’re going through your emails, see if there are any Google Alerts for brand mentions or industry-related content via blogs, Quora or any other publications.

You can always use a social media monitoring tool, like the Isentia platform, that will allow you to view the whole social media landscape from one dashboard and zero in on specific data with flexible filtering features. Tools such as this one will allow you to finish everything in less time and make your daily routine easier. You may also decide to Buy Instagram Views!

The bottom line

It all comes down to consistency – you have to monitor your social media channels on a daily basis. This will allow you to make the necessary tweaks to your social media strategy and maximize your efforts.

Start slow and increase your efforts over time. When you start spending more than ten minutes daily on social media monitoring, your success will correlate with the additional work you are putting in.

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