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Grammarly Review – Free Grammar Checker!

Grammarly Review – Free Grammar Checker!

Grammarly is actually an online grammar checker that can be used for free as well as by paying some amount of cash. The paid version has obviously more features as compared to the free version. This free tool for checking grammar online, checks for common grammar or spelling mistakes as well as typing errors.  A user can write any document in this tool or can simply paste the whole written essay in it in order to check for mistakes.

Grammarly has various useful features that every person doing any writing jobs would want. All those useful features make it one of the best tools to check grammar. Its features include:

  • Chrome Extension: One of the best things about this amazing tool is that it has the Google extension as well that can easily be installed and then, it will let us know every spelling, grammar or typo mistake we make within the browser.
  • Punctuation checking: This free tool has an exceptionally compelling feature of punctuation checking that can provide amazing advantages to authors as well as bloggers. It has a high precision which is one of the main reasons for its popularity.
  • Plagiarism detector: Grammarly also let us know about the plagiarized paragraph or line used in the content that we are checking for mistakes. In case you want to make money online using the content and don’t want to continue with plagiarised work then you can simply remove or edit the plagiarised content easily.
  • Proofread: This tool can also be utilized to proofread all your important business as well as academic papers and you can also edit them. It can likewise be utilized to check the mistakes in even a novel or a simple email. Unlike some other tools, the feature of proofread comes free with Grammarly.
  • Spelling check:
    Grammarly can perform more than 150 grammar check on a single document. This is one of the most loved features by the people who make a lot of mistakes while writing any kind of content. Moreover, this free tool has a UI that is both responsive and extremely easy to utilize. This is due to the fact that Grammarly executes at the time when a person starts composing.

Overall if we take a look at this tool, the best thing is the Google Chrome extension that makes the writing jobs a lot easier. The Phenomenal punctuation checking and editing and easy to use for non-English speakers makes this free tool among the top ones. Anyone can enjoy this free tool. However, if you want to use the paid version then you will have to pay about $29.99 per month. 

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