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So, You Want To Be A Model?

So, You Want To Be A Model?

The modelling industry is one of the most difficult fields to break in to. Nevertheless, when you make it as a top model it is also one of the most rewarding. This article is here to improve your chances of turning modelling into a successful career. Thus, if you are a female and love being in front of the camera, read on to discover some top tips you should be taking advantage of…


Contrary to popular belief, there is no room for divas in the modelling world. A lot of people look at the feisty Naomi Campbell and try and mirror her ‘attitude’. Nonetheless, she is one of the most accomplished models in the world, and if you watch her on set you will see that she behaves with the utmost professionalism. Likability is important. You simply have to be on time and act respectfully. Never complain.

The word ‘no’

You need to learn how to take the word ‘no’. There is no model in the history of the industry who has heard the word ‘yes’ to every single casting she has been to. Even the most experienced models of today still get rejected. Nine times out of ten it is not because you are a bad model, it is simply because your look and personality doesn’t match the flavour or image surrounding the brand, the shoot or the runway show. Knowing how to take rejection is what is truly going to make or break you in this industry.


There is no room for self-doubt in this industry. Even if you are petrified inside, don’t let it show. A top model strikes the balance between being confident but not arrogant perfectly. This is something you will develop with time, but at least know how to take being confident for now.


Your portfolio is imperative. This is essentially your CV in the world of modelling. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t simply stick in every single photograph of yourself. It is important to get your CV right. It must showcase your diversity. Therefore make sure every shot is different.  First, enlist a headshot photographer, as these are essential. Furthermore, analyse every shot with a scrutinising eye. If you aren’t one hundred per cent confident that it is the perfect shot don’t include it.

Stay true to yourself

Taking tips off other models is advised, but you should never try and channel them. We already have a Kate Moss. We already have a Jourdan Dunn. Staying true to yourself and being unique is what is going to make you go far in this industry. That not only relates to how you look but also your attitude and your personality as well. Don’t be afraid to let your true character shine through at castings and alike.

Even when you are not on camera, you are on camera

What does this mean? Well, you may not be directly in front of the photographer’s camera taking pictures for the catalogue or magazine in question, yet you are still on set. There is someone watching you at all times. Don’t do anything you wouldn’t do in any other traditional workplace.

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