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Etsy Review- How to Make Money Online Selling Crafts to Etsy

Etsy Review- How to Make Money Online Selling Crafts to Etsy

In the event that you are a passionate crafter who wants to make money online by making crafting his/her profession then you must have heard about Etsy. Etsy has more than 800,000 shops kept running by people who make a wide range of things like clothes, jewellery, soaps, music along with many other things. Anyone can find handmade crafts in almost every other category. Keep reading the article to know how you can make money from home easily through Etsy. 

Making money from Etsy:

Each shop available on Etsy has all the information so purchasers can find out about the shop and its proprietors, read the customer’s feedbacks along with the total number of sales that the shop has gained. In case you are interested in Etsy shops in a specific class or category then you can easily find the best shops in that classification. You can surf around Etsy and see loads of shops with tons of offers recorded, so, it’s not wrong to state that it is a good idea to sell crafts on those shops and make money online through Etsy.

With the help of CraftCount, which is basically a site that pools data about Etsy deals, we can see a large number of the best offering shops on Etsy according to their classification, date or country. There are a lot of shops that are earning from $500 to $1500 easily through Etsy by selling crafts. Each handmade craft available at the shop costs very low and starts from up to $2 or 3. 

Things to keep in mind:

There are a few things that you must keep in mind before even starting making money from home through Etsy.

  • Storing all your DIY crafts can be difficult. Most high-quality products require a lot of care. In the event that you make a cleanser, for instance, you can’t simply make a ton of them and simply store it in your carport for two months sitting tight for it to get orders. So, you need to make sure that you are not storing too much items. Just store limited items and once they all get sold, you can work on other ones.
  • Make sure you are packing your item perfectly. Include all the things that make the items completely secure while shipping. Any broken item can make your customers angry and they will never consider you again. So, with good DIY craft, better safety is also important.
  • Shipping the package at time is essential if you want to make customers happy. Shipping late can get you a negative customer feedback that can ruin your shop’s reputation. So, it’s better to make perfect shipping arrangements.

So, if you such person who wants to make money online by selling the handmade crafts then Etsy is one of the best platform for you.  

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