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Make Money by Selling Your Crafts

Make Money by Selling Your Crafts

Nothing beats the feeling of crafting projects that you love and knowing that people enjoy and appreciate them.  

It was truly a joyful feeling when I decided to leave my 9-to-5 job to pursue this passion.  While some people are unable to make similar decisions at this time, it is possible to take your labor of love and build a profit from it.  When I watch my favorite show, Shark Tank which airs every day on CNBC channel, I see people who all started with an idea and brought it to life through hard work and dedication.

The retail industry is growing every day and marketplaces are multiplying tremendously.  These days, you don’t have to physically walk into a store to make a transaction.  You can go online and shop without ever leaving your home.  For this reason, there are more opportunities now to make money by selling your crafts.  It’s easy to create a shop online and to make your products available to anyone.
I created a list of the best online marketplaces to sell your creative arts & crafts from my previous blog. 

Here’s a list of easy craft projects that you can also make and sell:

  1. Paper crafts such as origami, flowers, cards, etc.
  2. Paper and straw pieces of jewelry
  4. Beaded jewelries
  5. Button Frames
  6. Felt accessories and stuff animals
  7. Handsewn market tote bags or drawstring bag
  8. Handsewn mini bags, wallet or pouches
  9. Handsewn Tablet and Phone cases
  10. Handsewn blanket or quilt
  11. Pillow cases and cushion covers
  12. Crochet items
  13. Knitted items
  14. Cross stitch items
  15. Key holders and chain
  16. Hair accessories
  17. Wood work projects
  18. Handmade clay coffee mugs
  19. Handmade baskets
  20. Resin and Polymer clay projects

You may try any one of these or you might have your own project in mind already.  You can find several step-by-step tutorials on how to make these products on YouTube.

Here are some tips for a successful selling:

  1. Emphasize the word “handmade” as people tend to love buying products that have a personal touch and made out of someone’s creativeness.
  2. Become an expert and hone your skills. Keep making unique designs…something that is new to the eye.  These unique designs will captivate buyers and you then become that go-to person for these specific products.
  3. Take good pictures of your products to make it more appealing.  There are plenty of tutorials and techniques on YouTube on how to take eye-catching photographs of your products.  Make sure to write a good description and make it as specific as possible.  You can look on the internet for similar items to learn from and get an inspiration.
  4. Never go too low on pricing your product just to get it sold.  Give it a good price that you know it is fair based on your research.  It’s important is to pay yourself adequately for the expenses, labor, and hard work you’ve put into it.
  5. Learn how to market your own products through social media like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus. These are incredible tools for online sellers with all kinds of products. Join communities such as Facebook groups or build your own community and start to connect with people. I recently created mine called DIY Dollar Tree Crafts and from 15 members it grew quickly to more than 30k members in just 3 months.
  6. Wait for payment before shipping and then ship as soon as possible.  Let your customers know when you have shipped their items and when they should receive them.  This establishes a good relationship with your customers.

These are all great tips and simple steps that you can follow, but you have to start with making a good business plan first. You have to get a better understanding of what kind of customers you want to target and reach out. You may want to reach out to your blogger friends to help promote your product or, better yet, start a blog of your own and collaborate with your co-bloggers.

You will not get rich overnight, but your hard work and dedication will put you in the right direction.

Have you ever thought of selling your crafts, but haven’t started?  What is holding you back? Share your thoughts and comments below.
Thanks for reading and have the best of luck!


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