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5 Ways to Land Extra Pennies In Your Pocket

5 Ways to Land Extra Pennies In Your Pocket

You have always been smart with your money, but recently your daily living expenses have risen and you’re looking for a side hustle. You have tried most of the money saving solutions in the book and they have never quite worked for you. You’re ready to try something a little bit different to give yourself and your family a cushion to fall back on. If you have got the time, patience and creativity you can create a sizeable extra income that could be used to pay off your monthly bills. It’s time to stop worrying about the little things and learn how to live comfortably with your extra pennies.

  1. Sell, Sell, Sell

Have you ever thought about the ever growing junk that has built up in your closets, drawers and cupboards? You could be sitting on a tonne of money in your own home without even knowing it! Learn more at about how to sell your movies, games, books and music. By having a good old fashioned clear out you will be making extra money in no time.

  1. Social Savviness

Learn when to say no to the extravagant social events; obviously you don’t want to miss out on special occasions but sometimes it can all become a little too costly. Try and organize gatherings from the comfort of your own home instead of expensive dinners and cocktails. You will still be able to have an enjoyable time, but it’ll be kinder to your bank account.

  1. Cut the Luxuries

You might not realise it right now, but you are probably spending hundreds each month on simple items such as bottled water and cups of coffee. What’s wrong with having a cuppa before you leave the house nowadays? Invest in a reusable coffee cup and water bottle so you don’t have to keep paying out a fortune for a simple beverage. A lot of cafes offer a discount nowadays when you bring your own cup too!

  1. Get Crafty for Cash

If you have a creative spark within you it might be a good time to start an online craft business. You could sell homemade cards, baked goods or party favours from the comfort of your own home. This will make you some extra money and you’ll be doing an activity you love.

  1. Save and Cook

Batch cooking your meals will really help your monthly budget go a lot further. Make huge portions of soups, pastas and curries to last you throughout the week. You can even take your leftovers to work for lunch too!

Use your skills, talents and belongings that are simply lying around your home right now. There are endless possibilities when it comes to making some extra cash so use your imagination. Don’t change your lifestyle completely, but acknowledge what you can do to make your financial cushion that much softer! Some of these methods will work for you and others won’t be so appealing. I encourage you to try them all though, so that you know you gave everything your best shot. Budgeting has never been easy, but now it’s time to make it a fun activity that actually works for you.

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