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Efficiency: Avoid Chasing The Clock!

Efficiency: Avoid Chasing The Clock!

It’s a very concerning predicament to be in; when you find that you are protective over your business that you end up stifling its progress. Does this sound like you? You might be so concerned about every process and procedure that it needs to be run by you; in the meantime, precious time has been lost. This is a big thing for you to address, but also, it shows exactly how inefficient your business is. As far as implementing efficiency, there are so many things to consider, your employees, technology, but also your ethos. So, here are some tried and tested methods to make your company far more efficient.

Cut Costs From Less Obvious Sources

Of course, every single penny counts, right? Well, if you find that you are struggling to keep on top of bill payments or your suppliers, you may want to think a little differently about how to cut down on your outgoings. You may think that outsourcing is a very suitable approach, which it is for a lot of companies, but, look at your overall processes. Can they benefit from being simplified? Or, are there parts of your business that are draining your finances when they don’t really need to be? Something like paper usage comes to mind. Instead of wasting money on endless reams of paper, you may want to start digitizing everything. is a company that many organizations have used to make the change from a paper-based office to one where everything is on a computer. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, are there things that cost you a pretty penny that you can get cheaper elsewhere? Electricity, office rental costs, the in-house servers, the list goes on.

Use Simple Tools For Big Results

Yes, cost is a concerning factor pretty much all the time. But there are some things that you could benefit from implementing that will help your employees to work smarter, instead of harder. While you need to think about minimizing stress and anxiety because this translates to a far more productive workforce. There are some things you can implement that don’t cost anything but can have big impacts. has some basic information on the impact of Google Voice Typing, a free service that will help those that don’t type very fast, speak as quickly as they can think! For members of staff who need to type considerable amounts of words on a daily basis, such as reports and web content, this could be a very useful tool for them! And it doesn’t have to be in relation to just one aspect, there are techniques, like the Pomodoro Technique, that can help your employees to work with that little bit more focus, but also have adequate time away from a computer. It’s a very difficult balance to maintain, but it can be done.

Efficiency is a necessity in every business, and we all want to offer our clients or customers the best value for money. Efficiency isn’t an easy task to get on top of, but if you implement these types of approaches. And also if you are a person that’s guilty of constricting a business a little bit too tightly, you could benefit from delegation, in conjunction with these approaches to working, that will help you sleep soundly at night.

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