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9 Craft Tools That Are Useful To Own

9 Craft Tools That Are Useful To Own

When doing craft activities, there are a lot of tools that you might need to use in different situations. It can be a pain to reach a situation where you need something that you simply do not own. With that in mind, here are some craft tools that everyone should own. These are all especially useful for woodwork, metalwork and things of that ilk. You likely won’t need a lot of them if your chosen craft is knitting.

Tape Measure

Very few craft projects get done without using a tape measure. You will use a tape measure to check the size of items and the space that you have available. A tape measure often goes up to incredibly distances that you will never normally need to reach – until you do. This is why it is better than a ruler or standard measuring tape. The fact that it can hook onto a surface and holds its own weight allows you to measure things by yourself without the need for someone to hold the other end. Generally, tape measures have both imperial and metric measurements, so you can use whichever you are most comfortable with.

Paint Brushes and Roller

If you are planning a painting project, then you will need paint brushes and a roller. However, they are good to have regardless. Keeping some paint brushes and paint the colour of your walls is helpful in case something needs covering such as a scrape or mark or if the wall starts to fade. It is much easier to have them and only use them occasionally rather than not have them and need to rush to the shops and buy some. You should definitely have a roller as well as brushes because a roller makes a painting job hugely quicker and easier. You will want brushes in a few sizes so that you can pain smaller areas and get close to the edges of where you are painting.

Allen Keys

Some flat pack furniture will come with Allen keys, but others don’t. This is why it is always helpful to have a range of Allen keys in multiple sizes. Allen keys are used to tighten and screw in specific bolts and screws. There are so many sizes that it is helpful to buy a pack with each size inside as you don’t want to be caught missing the one size that you need at this specific moment. You might only use them in very specific situations, but a lot of furniture requires them in order to be put together or tightened.

Glue Gun

A glue gun can come in surprisingly useful. As well as the glue gun itself you will need glue dots in order to use it. You want a glue gun because it allows you to stick two things together without needing to use screws or nails. This way, you can get a much cleaner finish and avoid any ugly looking screws or nails. It is also extremely quick as all you need to do is apply the glue through the glue gun to the area and put the two objects together. After that just wait for the glue to dry, and you are all done. A glue gun is a great addition to any craft toolbox.


Few toolboxes or or craft tool collections are complete without a range of hammers. You are going to want different ones for different types of work. For example, a standard claw hammer is great for hammering in nails or removing them. Whereas a sledge hammer is better used when breaking this apart such as smashing tiles off the walls so that you can decorate your kitchen. Hammers are all really useful and having one that is best suited to a situation will make your craft work much easier and quicker. They can be quite bulky, so make sure you have space to store them.


There are two types of screwdriver that everyone should have – flathead and Phillips. Each one works with a different type of screw, and if you don’t have the right kind of screwdriver, then things can get difficult. On top of this, different screws will be different sizes, and this will require a different sized screwdriver to screw or unscrew them. This is another tool where it is best to have a collection in various sizes so that you always have the right tool for the job.


Pliers are useful for pulling out nails or holding specific things. They can again come in different shapes and sizes. For example, vise gripping pliers are used for different jobs than needle nose pliers. The vise gripping ones are great for large items that need to remain in place, and they often come with a lock to prevent slippage. Whereas the needle nose pliers are better for smaller or more accurate use. They rely on the user to maintain their grip in order to prevent slippage. Both types are useful and will likely be used often in your craft work.


You will use a spanner a lot. It is used for holding bolts and nuts in place and tightening or loosening them. They come in a range of sizes much like other tools on this list, but there is also a type of spanner that you can change the size on. This won’t be best for every situation, but it will cover a lot of uses. Having a range of spanner sizes is a good idea, but you can likely get away with using an adjustable spanner for most situations as it can get bigger or smaller as and when you need it.


At some point, everyone needs to use a drill. If you are putting screws into something or making holes, then a drill is the best tool for you. It is far easier than screwing by hand and only takes a few seconds. Drills come in many different shapes and sizes, but all have the same standard purpose. You can get ones with rechargeable batteries and others that need to be plugged into the wall at all times. A drill is one of the most useful tools you can have when doing craftwork like woodwork.

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