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How to Organise Your Kitchen

How to Organise Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the place that can turn into the messiest room in the house, if you allow it. On the other hand, if your kitchen is well organised, you’ll cook more efficiently and waste less of your time, nerves and food.

So, what is it that you can do to turn your kitchen into the most organised place in your house and keep it that way forever? Below are some tips that professionals highly recommend.

Get rid of the clutter

When you clean any room in the house, your first step is to declutter it and the kitchen is no exception. Make sure you get rid of everything you never use, such as those gadgets that you bought after watching infomercials or which you received as wedding gifts. Also, there must be some spices or pasta in your cupboards that has expired. Throw them out to create more space for the things you really need.

See-through containers

You probably regret buying several identical containers to keep in the kitchen, since you usually end up opening the wrong one. Instead, opt for see-through containers and think about using only square and rectangular ones, since they save space and stack up well. If you still can’t recognise what is in each container, label them clearly.

Use the back of cabinet doors

One of the most underused elements is definitely the inside of your cabinet door. It can be used to hold spoons or a cutting board. Some creative people painted the inside of the doors with blackboard or whiteboard paint, and they used them as a place where they update their shopping lists or weekly meal plan.

Minimize wasted space

It turns out that the cabinet under the sink is the most inaccessible element, with a lot of unusable space. Installing a Lazy Susan might help you with that problem. Likewise, a roll-out pantry and a sliding spice rack can fill the empty space between the fridge and the wall next to it. Finally, you might want to consider making a secret drawer at the bottom of your kitchen cabinet to get more storage space.

Store your food appropriately

One of the most important things to do if you want to have a well-organised kitchen is to store your food appropriately. That way you won’t be wasting so much food and you’ll always know exactly what ingredients you need to buy next time you go shopping. You don’t want to waste space in your fridge to keep some food that doesn’t require refrigeration, for example.

Storing food inside the fridge and freezer

Once you’ve put all the food where it’s supposed to be, you need to organise the inside of your fridge and freezer. Whether you have a small fridge or a large freestanding Maytag freezer, you need to know where each type of food should be stored. For example, dairy products are usually kept on the upper shelf, because the temperature doesn’t fluctuate that much in that part of the fridge. On the other hand, meat is best kept on the lowest shelf because it’s the coldest, and even if it leaks, other food would remain uncontaminated.

Create a system

Finally, the most important tip of all: you need to keep everything in its place and make space for everything you need in the kitchen. Organise the items so that the utensils you use the most are the easiest to reach. Also, you might want to store the items next to the tools you use most with them (baking pans next to baking ingredients, a bottle opener next to bottles, etc.).

Once you reorganise your kitchen, make sure you keep it that way at all times. Otherwise, all your efforts will be in vain and you’ll go back to having a complete chaos, which is something you wanted to avoid in the first place.

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