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Could What Your Customers Don’t Know Hurt You?

Could What Your Customers Don’t Know Hurt You?

Business owners often forget that customers don’t see every side of the company. It’s important to understand that customers really only see what you want them to. To them, the only part of your company that exists is the user interface of your website, the responses that you put out on social media and if you have one, your shop floor. Everything else is hidden and tucked away.

However, there are times when the once hidden parts of your company, will become relevant to customers because they have impacted them. As such, you do need to be aware of the difficulties that this can cause your business and the brand.

It’s Never Only Outsourcing

When running your business, the phrase ‘only outsourcing’ should never be uttered. If you use an outsourcing service, it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the quality levels and the way that this is run does not matter. At least, not as much as your actual business model. This is why there are a number of companies that shall remain nameless with absolutely terrible reputations for deliveries.

Customers don’t know when you use an outsourcing service. To them, anything provided by your company is exactly that. But what happens if an outsourcing option fails you? What happens if there’s a dip in quality? The customer still believes that it is your failure and you cannot tell them otherwise as this makes your company look weak. As such, you do need to be very careful about the outsourcing services that you use and ensure that they maintain your high standards of quality.

Sale Security

There’s a difference between securing a sale and sale security. Securing a sale is about making sure that a customer commits to a purchase. Sale security is more important because it’s about what happens once that sale goes through. Are the details handled securely? If the answer is no then you could have a serious problem because hacks are common these day and customers will not forgive companies that let their personal information fall into the wrong hands.

Customers don’t see what happens on the other side of the sale but you do. And that is why you have to make sure you have the highest level of security on your network. Ideally, you should be using managed IT services that will monitor your network 24/7 and ensure your company is protected. If you don’t do this, then a security failure could lose you the trust of your customers and damage your brand reputation.

Office Politics

The last example of an area of your business that is hidden from customers but could come to light is the issue of a scandal. These days of course, sexual harassment is the hot button topic but it could be anything from an unsafe workplace to a failure to stay eco friendly. Any issue like this will not immediately be seen by customers, but once it does emerge it could certainly hurt your business.

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