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Glorious Gardens: Preparing Yours For Winter

Glorious Gardens: Preparing Yours For Winter

There is a common misconception that gardens can only be beautiful, usable spaces in the summer and spring months. However, you will be pleased to know that isn’t the case. The fact is that gardens can actually be usable spaces throughout the year, including during the fall and winter months, it’s just a case of taking the right steps to prepare them for the colder weather, that’s all.

Want to make more of your garden this winter? Then read on for everything that you need to know:

Fit a bird feeder

Winter is the time when birds (and insects) need the most help to survive. That’s why fitting a bird feeder, as well as a couple of birdhouses around your garden can be a great way to ensure that throughout the colder months your backyard still attracts plenty of wildlife. For ideas for makin DIY bird feeders, resources like can be useful. If you make an effort to create bird feeders and put feed out for the birds, as well as feeding other wildlife, your garden should still be full of a range of different species, even during the colder months.

Plant hardy plants and flowers

Did you know that there are some plants that flower in the winter, as well as in the summer? These include pansies, heather, Japanese quince, cyclamen, and winter-flowering cherry. So if you want to add a little bit of extra colour to your garden this winter, planting some of these hardy winter-flowering plants could be a good way to go about doing so.

Check your outdoor lights

In the winter months when the days are shorter, and it gets dark much earlier than normal, it is important to ensure that your outdoor lights are working well. Not only for safety reasons, but also because you can’t go outside in the dark, so having lighting that works well is important. If you are unsure whether your outdoor lights are working as they should do, resources like can help. It is better to spend money getting your lights fixed now, rather than having problems when the darker winter days arrive.

Invest in an outdoor heater and fire pit

If you don’t already have an outdoor heater and fire pit, consider investing one. On cold nights, there is nothing nicer than sitting outside around a heater, wrapped in blankets, sipping hot chocolate or mulled wine or cider while roasting marshmallows over the fire pit. Just because with winter comes colder weather, that doesn’t mean that you can’t spend time outdoors. It’s just a case of finding ways to make spending time outside a little more enjoyable and exciting, such as by roasting marshmallows over your very own mini campfire. If you can stretch to it, adding a hot tub to your backyard could also be another great way to make it more usable in the winter months.

So there you have it, a guide to preparing your garden for the coming colder months. Remember, just because with winter comes colder and drearier weather, that doesn’t have to mean that your garden can’t be as glorious as it is in the summer.

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