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Make Moving Fun with These 5 Easy Tips

Make Moving Fun with These 5 Easy Tips

For most people, “moving” and “fun” are the two words you rarely use in the same sentence. In fact, moving is often quite stressful and the ease with which you unpack almost never matches the chaos that comes with packing. Unless you’re a complete minimalist, moving is by far one of the largest household tasks and without proper organization, it can quickly turn into a proper nightmare. Here are five tips to help you ease your way through the moving process and actually make it fun for a change.

Create a moving plan

One of the best ways you can orchestrate your entire move is to make a master moving plan. Whether you use a pen and paper, an app on your phone, professional organization tolls or a simple Word document, moving becomes a lot easier when you have all the details in a single place. Additionally, you don’t have to burden yourself, your partner or your family member with remembering everything that needs to be done. Besides the inventory of all your stuff, make sure you include a checklist of the important task you need to accomplish, such as formally changing the address or canceling various utilities.

Make Moving Fun with These 5 Easy Tips

Create packing and unpacking playlists

Creating a moving playlist is more of a psychological boost than anything else. It works in the same way a gym playlist does: it helps you get into the right mindset and psychologically prepare you for the tasks ahead. You can create two playlists, one for packing and one for unpacking. The packing playlists should be made up of peppy, up-tempo music to keep you motivated while organizing. For unpacking, you should focus more on relaxing beats with at least some pow, so you don’t throw in the towel in the middle of work.

Find free boxes and customize them

Instead of spending your hard-earned money on buying cardboard boxes you’re going to use for the move and throw away, you can simply visit your local liquor or seven stores and see whether they can give you a hand. Most stores will be more than happy to offload their boxes to someone who actually needs them and not waste their time breaking them down. Another excellent place to look for free newsprint and moving boxes is Craigslist and similar websites. Color-coding your boxes is an excellent way to differentiate between those that need to be unpacked the moment you arrive and those that can wait a couple of days until you’ve settled in.

Make Moving Fun with These 5 Easy Tips

Minimize your work as much possible

Just because you’re moving doesn’t mean that every single thing you own has to be stuffed in a box. Leave all your clothes on the hangers and simply stack them on top of each other during transport in the same order they were in the closet. You can also leave the clothes inside the dressers, just make sure to wrap the dressers up tightly to keep the drawers from moving. Flatware and kitchen tools that are already in their separate organizers don’t need to be packed individually. Any rubbish you might have needs to be disposed of responsibly and those living in the Land Down Under might want to consider hiring a professional company specialized in rubbish removal in Sydney.

Make Moving Fun with These 5 Easy Tips

Communicate with the moving company

Moving smaller boxes is not an issue, but any heavy object should be reported to the moving company. Having a clear line of communication and explaining the requirements prior to the move itself allows the moving company to prepare properly and prevent any issues from occurring during the move. Try to explain all the details you find important to help the moving company make a precise estimate the duration and the cost of the move.

At the end of the day, moving can be an issue, but it doesn’t necessarily have to. The most important thing is to remain calm and level-headed and has an open communication with the moving crew in order to minimize the amount of work on both sides. Packing boxes can easily be found online and with some labeling, you will know exactly where every item is and which ones need to be unpacked first.

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