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How To Turn a House into a Happy Home

How To Turn a House into a Happy Home

If you’ve just purchased a house, are in the process of moving, or have recently moved it’s understandable that you might be feeling a little unsettled. See, a lot of times people buy a new home and expect to feel at home straight away, but this isn’t usually the case, as home is not a place – it’s a feeling – and this feeling takes some time to develop.

Home is sense of belonging that expands beyond the four walls of your home, whilst these walls can bring comfort and stability to our lives, the true sense of home is a sense of belonging, and this is why it’s important to get involved with the community – whether that’s helping on a project such as or simple getting to know the neighbours upon moving in.

See, a house is a physical commodity that can simply be purchased; it consists of bricks and mortar… whereas a home is something you must nurture and create, in some ways, it’s the feeling that is housed within the four walls of your property… but this feeling must be created, as it does not come with the set of keys your real estate agent gives you, and that takes time.

One of the best tips with regard to turning your new house into a happy home is to take immediate action. The best time to get started, is right now, as the longer you leave your things in boxes, the longer your house will remain cluttered, and the more overwhelmed you will feel.

There’s an expression that poses the question and answer; “how do you eat an elephant” and provides the answer; “one bite at a time”.

The principle here is that you should chunk big tasks into more manageable segments. For instance, rather than having twenty boxes to get through in one room; separate them out into four piles of five boxes. This way, things start to feel more manageable, and you can then use the power of momentum to help you get more done in less time.

Once you pick up the keys it’s important that your new house begins to feel like it is your new home.

See, there’s a strong chance your new house will have remnants of the previous owners tastes and preferences; the previous owners might have stripped the house back to the basics… but there still might be a feeling of the house belonging to someone else, or at least, not you just yet.

Everyone has certain items they feel a strong emotional connection with and attachment to… whether that’s an old coffee table, a piece of art, your bed, or your sofa – all these items hold residual emotional energy and it’s important to fill your home with the energy of “you” so that you can start to associate your new house with being your new home.

The other thing you can do, is visit and get a nice bath bomb, light a few candles, and start connecting with your new house as a sanctuary for you to unwind and rest in.

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