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6 Interior Decorating Trends That Are Hot Right Now

6 Interior Decorating Trends That Are Hot Right Now

Whether you’re giving a whole room a new look or just refreshing your walls and furnishings, here are some of our favourite interior trends to consider this autumn/winter.

Geometric tiles

Say goodbye to metro tiles in favour of intricate, geometric tiles that will work in both traditional and modern homes. With geometric tiles available in a range of shapes, styles and colours, mosaics are back in a big way, and you can make these as subtle or as daring as you want them to be. Getting creative with herringbone or basketweave designs will make even white tiles a talking point, and you won’t have to worry about them becoming dated.

Velvet furnishings

Always soft and definitely timeless, velvet is the ideal option for home furnishings. If you don’t want to invest in a large piece of velvet furniture, a sofa, for example, choose some plain velvet cushions in warm tones such as burnt orange or deep cranberry, and you’ll immediately add texture to even the most dated armchair. Combined with rough, natural textures (such as reclaimed wood), you’ll achieve cosiness and visual interest in any room, and there’ll always be a comfortable place to rest your head.

Natural elements

Houseplants have been popular for some time now, and this year is no different. Place banana trees and fringed fern palms in the living room and cute succulents in the bathroom. They’re decorative and filter the air for you – what’s not to love?  Not only are houseplants here to stay but when paired with woven furnishings and organic ceramics you’ll be right on trend. Opt for a colour palette that ranges from off-white to soft cream and add a smattering of greys to establish a minimalist interior that feels spacious and welcoming.

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Black and white doesn’t have to be boring. This season, bold stripes and funky geometric shapes make it one of the strongest and most achievable trends. Balance your tones correctly and add accessories with accents of copper that will create a sense of warmth. This is the ideal interior design choice for those looking to modernise their home, particularly when paired with aluminium folding doors that can expand and bring natural light to even the dingiest of spaces.

Colour blocking

Struggling to settle on one colour for a room? Then choose a selection and jump on the colour blocking bandwagon. Choose colours that contrast but keep floors and furnishings neutral so your space won’t be completely overpowered. If you’re feeling particularly creative, you might want to bring the geometric trend to your colour blocking, with triangles or hexagons that bring any home décor into the modern day.

Floral wallpaper

This season, think wallpaper with big floral prints in tones of blush, dove grey and emerald. This will bring a romantic feel to any room and can be incredibly versatile in even the smallest of spaces. The trick is to balance your bold floral print with plain surfaces and to choose soft furnishings that will highlight one or two of the wallpaper’s colours. You could even try wallpapering unexpected areas such as the space under your stairs to create a contemporary twist to your interior design.

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