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Decor Updates to Take Your Home from Winter to Spring

Decor Updates to Take Your Home from Winter to Spring

The cold winter weather is soon to pass, giving way to the festive, colourful season we’ve all be waiting for. Springtime is almost at our doorsteps, and now is as good a time as any to start preparing to welcome the warmer, sunnier days with open arms.

While you could always go all out and invest in some serious interior renovations, keeping it budget-friendly, short and sweet will, in the end, prove to be way more satisfying. Here to help you take your home from winter to spring without a hitch are the essential interior decor updates you don’t want to skip.

Let joyful colours reign

Springtime is all about enjoying the sounds, aromas, and colours of nature in all of their festive glory, and what better way to welcome the joyous season than to break out the colourful linens, throws, and accents. While you can always take it a step further and repaint an entire room (or the house for that matter), you can also achieve plenty with just a handful of strategic changes.

Consider buying new bed sheets, and put away the heavy blankets and throws, replacing them with their lighter counterparts. Think about accent pieces you can introduce in every room: from colourful statement vases to furniture covers and fabrics, the possibilities are endless.

Do some spring cleaning

There is no way around it, springtime simply demands a throughout house cleaning, both inside and out. Not only do you want to devote a weekend to cleaning every bit and bob around the house, making sure you reach into every nook and cranny as well, but you also want to tidy up the exterior and the curb appeal of the house to compliment the beauty of spring.

Along with thorough cleaning, you can also consider decluttering your living environment as well in order to step into the new season with positivity, peace, and happiness. Physical clutter can accumulate quite quickly during winter, and if you don’t tend to it promptly, it can become an emotional burden as well. So be sure to give, sell, or throw away everything you don’t need or seldom use around the house.

Rejuvenate your walls

Time to spice things up a bit and bring the aesthetics of your walls to a whole new level with new photos, artwork, quote art and everything in between neatly wrapped up in elegant custom framing and positioned strategically throughout the house. Think about finally framing your favourite family photos in the kitchen or placing accent photos on the windowsills in the bedroom, or on shelves in the living room.

Likewise, give your wall art a much-needed makeover by dressing your cherished paintings or quotes in complementary, modern frames that support the natural vibe that permeates the rest of the house. Springtime is perfect for introducing natural elements in your home, and the right picture frame here and there can make all the difference.

Invite nature to stay

Speaking of natural elements, there is no better way to imbue your home with peace and positivity than to place beautiful lush greenery and colourful flower arrangements around the house. This way, you will not only help maintain a healthy living environment, but you will also invite nature to reach into your home rather than leaving it outside.

Consider healthy potted plants in the corners of the room in order to tie the cheerful design together, along with complementary flower arrangements on the windowsills, side tables, and even the vanities in the bathroom and the countertops in the kitchen.

Spring is right around the corner, bringing with it warmer and sunnier days. With nature in full bloom and these festive tips in mind, you will have a fun and rewarding time transforming your home into a springtime wonderland the entire family will adore.


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