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5 Employee Management Tips For Startups

5 Employee Management Tips For Startups

If you are searching for management tips for your startup you are in the right place. But, it would be more correct to say – not management, but cooperation. A startup is different from a regular business, and you probably already know it.  

Here you will not go far on the ability to issue directives and distribute control points. In a startup, it’s important to build partnerships. So, If you want your team to function as well as possible, make sure to follow the tips we prepared for you.

Equality relations

Ideally, your employees should see you as a colleague, as an option – as a mentor. But not an evil boss who uses a knock on the table or fines as leverage. In a startup, work is based on self-interest, intrinsic motivation, so there is no point in getting carried away with repressive management methods.

On the other hand, the leader in a startup remains the leader – the person who must ensure the implementation of the decision: even if it is unpopular and may cause protest. Therefore, it is important to maintain a balance between partnership – and maintaining the status of the “ruling hand”. This requires real talent.


In a startup, the interaction of all links is important. We are talking about a team where there are no minor “screws”. Therefore, it is important to establish effective cooperation between different departments. Marketers need to know what product managers are doing right now. 

IT specialists should be aware (at least in general terms) of the marketing strategy, the key areas of promotion in the market. Except for direct communication, make sure that you use the right communication tools. Choosing employee engagement software is very important.

Also, it’s good when the team knows what the leader is doing, what contribution he makes to the development of the project.

Openness ensures the achievement of 3 goals at once:

– high work efficiency;

– trust (project participants believe in each other’s competence and professionalism);

– respect for the leader (only a strong and confident boss can afford not to “play hide-and-seek” with subordinates).

The right motivation

Enthusiasts and true professionals come to startups. (If uninterested people come in, they usually get kicked out of the team quickly.) The best motivation for the pros is challenging tasks, time-consuming goals, constant movement forward. 

Of course, this requires serious efforts from people. And one of the best catalysts is a sense of passion, the opportunity to confirm your professionalism, to show in front of the team what you are capable of. It is important that the leader gives positive feedback on the results of the work and knows how to stir up interest in the common goals.

Freedom of manoeuvre

Are you demanding adult solutions from your employees? Then know how to trust them. A professional is offended and incomprehensible when a manager delves into every little detail and controls everything. If you, as a boss, are confident in the competence of your subordinates, “let them go”. Professionals will only benefit from this. You will free up time.


In a startup, it is important to see the “weak links” in time and change them to strong ones. This is not about firing people for the slightest miscalculation. 

But if the employee has already failed the project more than once, it is wiser to part with it. Even if you have a friendly relationship. Firing will not be a tragedy for an employee if you explain your decision based on facts, and thank him for the achievements that took place.


Perhaps the most important thing. Treat your employees with respect and take care of them. A startup is a living system, the human factor is important in it. (Strictly speaking, it is important in any organisation, but especially in a startup). 

If you see specialists as soulless elements of the system, you will hardly wait for dedication. Form partnerships, trusting relationships – your team will be reliable and efficient.