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Careers If You Want To Work With Animals Or Kids

Careers If You Want To Work With Animals Or Kids

There is an old phrase which says you should never work with children or animals. Whoever coined the phrase mustn’t have been the biggest animal or child lover, but in our opinion, there aren’t many careers out there which can be more rewarding than working with children or with animals. If you love both and want to start a new career path this year, here are some of the best things you can do.

Working With Animals

Zoo Veterinarian

Everyone loves the zoo, and if you adore wild animals from all over the glove you could be a valuable asset to your local zoo. You can train as a zoo veterinarian and it will give you the chance to make a lucrative income while looking after some of the most fascinated creatures on the planet.

Veterinary Technician

If you don’t want to become a vet yourself, you can work as a veterinary technician and this will enable you to work alongside a vet in the surgery. You will be responsible for carrying out lab work and clinical procedures which are vital for the treatment of animals. It is a great job and every day will bring new challenges for you to deal with.


Zoologists are tasked with working with animals of all shapes and sizes, and they primarily work in conservation sites and zoos. The job of a zoologist is to study animals and collect data to use in the conservation and protection of certain species. They are instrumental in the wellbeing of all types of animals and they can make a positive impact on the world.

Animal Trainer

If you don’t want to study for over 7 years to qualify as a vet, you can instead train for a year or so to become a licensed animal trainer. You will become a pivotal person in your local community and you will be able to meet lots of amazing animals with unique stories.

Pet Adoption Counselor

Working closely with animals charities in your local area, you will be responsible for talking to prospective adopters of animals and making sure that they are suited to the animal they intend to adopt. You will be able to make sure that every animal who comes into your care will go to a loving home which suits their needs.


If you have room in your home and a space in your heart for furry creatures, you could make fostering your job full time. You will be able to take animals from rescue centers and give them a loving home as they rehabilitate and prepare for adoption. You will be surrounded by amazing animals every day of your life and you will get to give them the love and care they deserve while they await their forever homes. And no one will judge you if you decide to keep a couple of the animals yourself!

Working With Kids

Social Worker

A social worker is an important member of any community and they are respected by all. Whether you decide to be a medical social worker or a family social worker, you can make a huge difference in the lives of children you care for. You can make sure that children stay with their loved ones in difficult circumstances, that they are safe, and that they are able to achieve everything they want in life. You will be a huge influence on their lives.


What better way to care for children than becoming a Pediatrician? You will be responsible for saving the lives of children and making sure that they live long healthy and happy lives. You will be a positive influence on them and you can act as a great role model for them to aspire to be.

Child psychiatrist

It isn’t just adults who can suffer from mental conditions like depression and anxiety, children will often have mental issues themselves which need to be addressed. You can act as a confidant for all types of children and you will be able to make a huge impact on their lives. From helping a child confront depression to allowing them to talk about abuse, the impact you can have on the world is immense.

Early learning

The first few years of a child’s life are incredibly important. They are crucial to the healthy development of a child and they can be instrumental in what kind of person a child grows up to be. As a teacher in the early years of a child’s life you will have a huge responsibility to be caring, considerate and to be patient with your students. It is a rewarding career option and will give you plenty of chance to influence lives in a positive way.


If you love children and you enjoy spending time with them on a daily basis, there is no better option for your future career than becoming a childminder. As a childminder, you will be able to stay at home and look after the child while their parents go to work. You will be responsible for feeding them, teaching them a little and keeping them entertained. It can be an incredibly fun job to do and you can even take a field trip with their parent’s permission. Just make sure that you pack plenty of healthy snacks and water!

A sporting coach

There are many fun sports and activities which children can start to learn during their early years. If you have a talent for a certain sport or you are trained in a specific activity you can make it into a job and teach local children. You will be able to train children in an activity, make sure that they stay fit and healthy, and teach them the value of working as a team. You can then take them to compete in tournaments and watch proudly on when they win a trophy. You will be a positive role model in the local area and you will be well loved by children and parents alike.

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