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Getting To Know You – What To Find Out Before An Interview

Getting To Know You – What To Find Out Before An Interview

Interviews can be extremely stressful situations to be in. Because of all the stress and anxiety they cause, it is ever so easy for our minds to go completely blank, which can be a hindrance when trying to answer all the questions. So, doing your research thoroughly beforehand can really pay off, as you will be able to practice quite a few of your potential answers in advance.

But not only that, though, research can help you get a good idea of the company you are applying to. Getting to know a company before you start to work there is crucial, as it can inform you as to whether or not you will be a good fit.

So, what exactly do you need to find out about a company before you go into an interview? Here are some handy points for research.

What They Do

If you aren’t too sure what the company does on a day to day basis, how do you even know that this is the job for you? But if you don’t know what they do, this will also come across in the interview, and won’t paint you in a good picture at all. You need to be fairly specific with your research into what they do – don’t just find out about the industry that they are in; you need to understand the company’s niche in the market.

Who Runs The Company

It’s also a good idea to find out about the business owners if possible. It’s usually easy to find out about them as their names will be on industry websites with background information about the firm. If you wanted to find out about Mr. Markus Heitkoetter, who manages Rockwell Trading Services, a quick Google search brings up a lot of information about him and the company. Researching the owners and management can help you in your interview, as it shows that you have a keen interest in the business.

The Company Culture

The best way to find out about a company’s culture is to visit the office in person. More often than not, this isn’t possible before an interview. Thankfully, though, you can get a good idea of the culture by looking at how the business markets itself to the public. Many modern companies who have a friendly and sociable culture will try to portray this in all their branding, for example.

The Main Competitors

As well as looking into the company you are going to be working for, you should spend some time researching its main competitors. This is one of the main questions that companies like to ask in interviews, to make sure that each candidate has done plenty of interview prep! But it will also give you an insight into the standard of work that is required in the company to try and beat the competition.

There is certainly a lot of prep and research for you to carry out on the night before your interview. Make sure you don’t slack on it!

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