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How to Improve Your Supply Chain Efficiency

How to Improve Your Supply Chain Efficiency

Ensuring your supply chain runs smoothly is vital for your business’ success. When even just one link in the chain is missing or is inefficient, it can affect not only your profits but your reputation as a company who can deliver on time. Your business’ reputation is crucial; without a great reputation, potential customers won’t know if you can promise what you say you can. Improving how you supply chain communications, interacts and processes orders is a critical step for any B2B company, but how do you do so effectively?   

Have a Great Supply Chain Management Software

When dealing with several suppliers, the best way to organize all your data and processes under one roof is with a supplier portal. Omnia supplier portals from allow you to strengthen key supplier relationships and make informed decisions based on real-time data. With a user friendly, intuitive interface, they are designed for use by both suppliers and internal employees alike. What’s more, this software enables you to drive procurement efficiencies and reduce cost.

Create a Great Distribution Plan

Distribution is an integral aspect of your supply chain. Without an efficient distribution strategy, your goods will face delays in shipping, the warehouse itself will be unorganized, and customer service will be at an all-time low. Additionally, a great distribution strategy will prevent product decay, which can have a significant impact on your business’ bottom line. To create this plan, you will need to include the distribution management team, and put in place key ways to ensure everything that happens within the warehouses is in line with the rest of the supply chain. For example, to ensure on-time deliveries for every order, keep an eye on the facilities distribution is working in and the network of supplies they are handling. If the warehouse is untidy and unorganized, products may become lost and unaccounted for, for example. You should also monitor how well this plan is working, at least monthly if not more. This way, if something is not working, you can change it accordingly and promptly.   

Ensure All Payments and Shipments are Made on Time

You must ensure all payments are made on time. When you are paid, you similarly need to ship all products on time. Though it is understandable if a custom order takes longer to create and ship, it is critical that you provide your customer with a realistic timetable. If you can, keep them in the loop with regular updates so that they are never left in the dark. Every area should know where the order is along the supply chain at all times. Transparency at every point is something all suppliers should strive for. By working together to keep every part up to date, you can devise a plan to improve the delivery time for every order.  

Open Supply Chain


Maintaining a strong, successful supply chain can be the difference between make or break for a business. When just one link is missing or broken, it can cause the entire operation to suffer from delays and unhappy customers. To guarantee your supply chain can withstand anything, follow the above tips.

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