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Meet Prague – The Golden City with Unforgettable Surroundings

Meet Prague – The Golden City with Unforgettable Surroundings

Visiting Prague is like entering a fairy tale in which infinite and magical towers welcome princesses. The streets seem created for the simple enjoyment of the senses and the shops are decorated with the greatest care imaginable. The marked medieval atmosphere that surrounds the city is able to push back its visitors back in time so that they never forget such a special place. Just to say Prague, creates a picture in our minds about popular legends that are told about this place. These stories are so interesting and engaging, that they were passed from mouth to mouth and almost everyone has ever heard one.

The knowledge that all these legends happened in this city and left their traces deep into its foundation, increases the enthusiasm for visitors to dream about Czech capital. Touring Prague is even more exciting than dreaming about it. It’s a city full of magic, stories, and secrets that you will never finish discovering. Just by walking through its streets and observing its breathtaking architectural heritage you will realize that this city is a unique representation of all styles that renaissance Europe has created.

Spend Party Euphoria in Bohemian Dream

Cheers Prague

Legend has it that the city of Prague was born from a dream that Princess Libussa had. And as a city born out of a dream, it can not help but be beautiful and enigmatic. Just like its unforgettable Prague bachelor nights that visitors from all around the world use to enjoy in the past decades. Prague is located in the center of the Bohemian region. The Vltava river crosses the city creating a very particular appearance, and its architectural beauty captivates all who visit it.

Walking through its cobbled streets will make you discover ancient parks and gardens, elegant cafes, castles, medieval bridges, shops with the latest trends and, of course, the best places to try the incredible Czech beer. The modern Prague is an example of strength. The city survived the horrors of World War II and the Russian occupation to re-emerge as a modern, vibrant and attractive city for tourism at any time of the year. The long winters do not overshadow the beauty of this city where cultural diversity is experienced in every street and in every café.

A Must-See Landmarks That Adorned Postcards for Centuries

Beautiful Prague

Putting all the party attractions aside, the architectural splendor that this city has is the main reason for millions of visitors annually. The medieval architecture of Prague is present mostly in the Old Town, the oldest part of the city, where the old Market Square is located. In the square, you can see the fantastic Astronomical Clock of the year 1410 that is of course still in function.

The Charles Bridge is the oldest in the city and one of the most beautiful, flanked by 30 statues and protected by three towers at its headwaters. One of these towers, which is located at the end of the bridge in the Old City, is known as the Powder Tower and is considered by many to be the greatest example of Gothic architecture in the world.

Going further from the Charles Bridge another “must-see” that comes in your way is the Prague Castle. Originally built in 870, it takes us back to the very origins of the city. It is an architectural complex formed by several buildings, among which is the Cathedral of Saint Vitus, whose construction took several centuries.

Here you will also find the little remains of Josefov, the Jewish quarter of Prague, which was largely demolished when the new urban design of the city was drawn. The cemetery is still conserved, containing six synagogues, among them the High Synagogue of the 16th century, and the old Town Hall of the 18th century. The Pilsner Urquell brewery was the first one where the pilsner beer type was manufactured.

Do not miss the tour to see the manufacturing process and try different varieties of one of the best beers in the world. Nearby you will find the Terezin fortress that was built to protect the city, but during the Second World War, it became a concentration camp. On a half-day tour, you can find out the terrible history of this place.

Accommodation in Prague

Golden City

If you want to easily explore Prague’s cultural and historical highlights, stay in either the Old Town or the Lesser Town. These are both gorgeous and convenient neighborhoods, especially for first-time visitors and those staying for 1-3 nights only. Also, most of these hotels are pet-friendly so you won’t have to worry about your pup nervously biting the leash while you find a suitable place for you to sleep. You’ll be within walking distance of some of the best must-see landmarks in Prague, and you almost won’t need to take public transportation.

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