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These 3 Tips Could Help You Be A Better Boss

These 3 Tips Could Help You Be A Better Boss

We all want to be liked and respected; it’s simply human nature. And no-one wants this more than a boss; it helps everything run a little more smoothly and a little more efficiently. But how can you be a better boss without seeming like you’re trying too hard to be everyone’s best friend? The simple answer is to do your job well. Make sure that not only are the business’s interests being looked after, but also your workforce’s.

By showing your employees that you care about them, you earn their respect and increase productivity. Below are a few ideas to show your employees that you are committed to Being A Better Boss.

Don’t Skimp On Pensions

You want your workforce to be loyal and to stay with you as long as possible, after all, searching for new staff is costly and time-consuming.  Nothing says ‘I want you to stay’ better than a decent pension. Yes, it may cost your business, but showing your employees that you are thinking about their future, and life, outside of work by providing a quality 401k, is a great way to keep them happy. It will also make hiring new staff through companies like following an expansion easier. Job seekers like to know that they are working for a good company, pensions are a big part of that.

Support Their Physical Health

Sometimes ill health is unavoidable, but forcing sick staff member to come into work is incredibly counterproductive. Not only are they likely to be distracted or unable to concentrate due to their illness, but they are also at risk of passing their illness on to their coworkers and diminishing your entire team. It’s better to have one employee off sick for two days than to have the entire office dropping like flies over a two week period. Companies like also allow you to look after your staff should anything more serious than a cold or the flu occur. The quicker you acknowledge and support your employees’ health needs the quick they can recover and get back to work. Just don’t forget to send them a ‘Get Well Soon’ card if they’re off for more than a few days.

Support Their Mental Health

As the stigma around mental health falls away, more and more people are beginning to realize the importance of caring for this aspect of their lives. Mental health doesn’t just have to be people dealing with diagnosed conditions; it is also about keeping everyone happy, and knowing that anyone can suddenly need support. Any number of issues can cause your staff to feel like everything is piling up. Workplace stress, financial worries, and relationship issues can all have a negative impact on your team. Having an Employee Assistance Program in place, and readily available, can do wonders for keeping your workforce happy and stress-free. It also helps to create an open dialogue about mental health thereby meaning that people are more likely to seek help when they need it.

Though some of these tips may cost you in the short-term, the big picture is that you will have a workforce that trusts and respects you, and is also happy to come into work. And a happy team is a productive team.

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