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5 Must-Visit Honeymoon Destinations in 2019

5 Must-Visit Honeymoon Destinations in 2019

After the hectic wedding, it’s time for a honeymoon that provides the couple with the peace and relaxation they need to really celebrate their love. Luckily, 2019 is the perfect time for a post-wedding vacation since it offers many amazing destinations that will fill you with romance, fun and adventure. From warm Mexico to freezing Iceland, there’s something that will satisfy every honeymooner’s taste!


This is a classic, but there’s no honeymoon destination list that can go without Italy. Its cypress woods, winding roads and vine-covered fields will make even the least romantic people feel starry-eyed! Italy, and especially Tuscany, will shower you with timeless beauty you simply must share with your partner! Stay in Florence, the city filled with Renaissance spirit and enjoy romantic al fresco brunches under the warm Tuscan sun. You can also take a day trip to Monteverdi, a little village stuck in time. Its cobbled stone streets, medieval buildings and amazing spa treatments will not only relax your body and soul, but also make you fall in love with your spouse all over again!


Mexico is one of the most diverse honeymoon destinations in the world. It has something for everyone: barefoot beaches for relaxing types, tropical jungles for adventure-seekers and Mayan ruins for history buffs and all that on a budget! Practically wherever you go, you’ll have an unforgettable stay, even though Tulum is probably the best choice. It’s very laid-back with hospitable locals and many natural wonders. On the other hand, if you seek something more lux and secluded, try Isla Holbox where you can swim with bioluminescent planktons, dive with whale sharks and kayak through mangrove woods. However, don’t just overlook the capital! If you’re a couple that loves the city life with a rich tradition and many interesting cultural things to see and try, Mexico City will provide you with just what you need!


Vietnam is a unique combination of ultimate relaxation, romance and culture that make a truly unforgettable honeymoon! First, it will amaze you with its beautiful beachside resorts, then it will make fireworks of taste go off in your mouth with its cuisine and in the end, it will pamper you with its relaxing spa experiences. Basically, you can spend your entire honeymoon cocooned in your suite and have an amazing time. However, it would be such a shame not to explore this magical country, no matter how much you wish to stay in your little love bubble! Have a fun day outside, rent a motorbike in Danang and have an authentic Vietnamese experience. It’s the best way to enjoy the destination and have an active day filled with fun and excitement. When you get tired of exploration, hop into one of the many spas and finish your day on a romantic note!


If you’re looking for something exotic but not in the traditional sense of the word, Iceland is the perfect honeymoon destination for you! It’s not overpopulated and there are so many different activities you can engage in with your significant other. From trekking across lava fields to bathing in geothermal pools, Iceland will not only provide you with ultimate relaxation, but also help both of you reconnect with nature.  Make sure to visit the famous Blue Lagoon and book a Lagoon Suite that will provide you with an access to private spa areas! On the other hand, if you’re brave enough to visit this Nordic nation in winter, don’t forget about breathtaking auroras that illuminate Iceland’s sky. It’s truly a magical experience! All in all, Iceland is the perfect place for couples whose special love deserves a very special honeymoon destination.


Another timeless honeymoon destination, Greece will make all your romantic dreams come true. There are so many amazing places in this coastal country, but Corfu takes the crown! This amazing island will blow your mind with its dreamy landscape showered in gorgeous sunsets. There are also small and secluded beaches that are perfect for lovebirds who want to enjoy their time together in peace!  However, Corfu has so much more to offer than just beaches. Couples who love adventure can explore the picturesque town of Corfu, go wine tasting in exquisite wineries or hike the island and enjoy isolation. It’s also a heaven for all Instagram addicts, so expect to come back with tons of couple photos you’ll cherish forever!

If you start your married life with one of these 2019 honeymoon destinations, every day of your life together will feel like a vacation!

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