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5 Great Things to Know Before Your Travel to Hong Kong

5 Great Things to Know Before Your Travel to Hong Kong

No matter what you do and what countries you go to, visiting Hong Kong might be the most exciting thing you’ve done this year – or your entire life, to be perfectly honest! From shopping at high-end malls and checking out local sights to exploring unusual cuisine and enjoying a proper massage, you can do whatever you want in Hong Kong, whenever you want it. However, before you book your ticket, there’s a lot you should learn about this place, so here are five facts you need to know.

It’s really far away!

This is something you probably already know, but unless you live in East Asia or Australia, Hong Kong is really far away. Tourists from Europe, Africa and the Americas are going to take a surprisingly long time to get here, which means you’ll be pretty tired when you land, and quite confused as well, so you should get to your hotel as soon as possible. Therefore, investigate Hong Kong’s local transport beforehand and be sure to take the shortest and fastest route from your airport to your bed so you could get some sleep and finally start exploring this amazing place.

The temperature difference

Although most people love visiting it, London is one of those tourist locations that have a certain stigma surrounding it, all thanks to the unpredictable English weather and lots of rain that might surprise you at any time. The same goes for Hong Kong, but because of a different reason – the air-conditioning! Due to high humidity and a subtropical climate, the temperatures can get really high, which is why everyone wants to be inside, under an A/C unit. So, all those cold-sensitive visitors should wear a jacket or a cardigan, just in case the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperature gets too high and too aggressive.

The food is really good

Asian cuisine is rather specific and might pleasantly surprise tourists who are not used to strong flavors, lots of spices and unusual food combinations. What’s even better is the fact that modern Hong Kong is appealing to international chefs who often visit its great restaurants and experiment in combing local ingredients with more traditional Western cooking methods. So, basically, you can get whatever you want here, no matter how classic or extravagant your dish is, so you should definitely visit at least one cool Hong Kong restaurant and try all those combinations you’ve never had a chance to eat in your life. Who knows, after this, you may start preparing these at home sooner than you think!

Free Wi-Fi

Being constantly online is a problem for anyone who visits a foreign country without a proper data usage plan, and things can get pretty messy, especially for social network junkies or people who have a job to do even when they’re on vacation. Luckily, Hong Kong is one of those amazing places where you can find free Wi-Fi almost anywhere. As long as you keep your phone on airplane mode that’s going to prevent any unnecessary charges, you’ll surely find an open Wi-Fi network you’ll be able to use. From your hotel manager to your taxi driver, everyone understands the need for a great Internet connection, so you’ll be able to stay on track with your online persona.

Trust your phone

Despite being enormous, getting around Hong Kong is actually much easier than most people think – all you need is a good map and some online assistance. Once you manage to find your free Wi-Fi, you’ll be able to use lots of useful apps that are going to help you get around the city, find the best subway line, learn more about the history of the area and translate local signs into your native language. Keep in mind that you’re in one of the most technologically advanced place in the world, so use modern technology as much as you can, and your life is going to become much easier.

Some of the other things to remember when visiting Hong Kong include wearing comfortable shoes if you plan on walking around a lot, avoiding suspicious-looking massage parlors, and taking as many photos as you possibly can because this is a trip you’re going to want to remember for the rest of your life!

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