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From Gym Bunny To Fitness Professional – Make The Career Change Work

From Gym Bunny To Fitness Professional – Make The Career Change Work
 Love getting up early and hitting the gym?
Always out pounding the streets for a job, no matter the weather?
Constantly going to a wide range of fitness classes?

If the above sounds like you, then you could be in a good position to change your hobby into a career. Always wanted to make money from your love for fitness? If so, then read on to find out exactly how you can do it!

Figure Out Your Area Of Expertise

First of all, you need to work out which area of fitness you want to work in. If you are a keen runner then you could always become a running coach. Similarly, a love for a certain gym class, such as Yoga or HIIT, means that you might find it easy becoming a class leader. It’s a good idea to take the time to really think about the area of fitness you want to try and make your career in. Get it right, and you will have a job that you will love. However, if you choose something that you aren’t 100% into, then you might start to get really frustrated and bored in your new career.

Join A Gym Or Go Solo?

Next, you need to consider whether you want to work at a gym or go solo and become a freelancer. There are pros and cons of both options. For instance, working for a gym means you will be employed and will, therefore, get lots of benefits, such as paid sick and vacation days, as well as a generous pension plan. If you are a freelancer, you won’t get any benefits but you will be your own boss and will be able to work whenever you want.

Get Organized

Whether you do work for a gym or go down the self-employed route, you will need to make sure that you are super organized. After all, you will have a lot of different fitness classes and sessions to prepare for and manage. Thankfully, tools like fitness studio software will help you remember what you have planned for the coming days. It’s a good idea to look for software that can help with the business side of things if you are self-employed. There are a few out there that can help you organize classes as well as carry out business admin, such as payroll tasks and bookkeeping.

Get Qualified

You won’t be able to become a fitness instructor or gym-class leader without all of the proper qualifications. It’s a legal requirement and also something that your clients will want to see for peace of mind. If you work for a gym, they should provide you with all the necessary training. However, if you go it alone, you will have to find the best training courses yourself.

Turning your passion for fitness into a career is a really inspiring and exciting thing to do. Not only will it be very lucrative, but it will also help you stay fit and healthy!

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