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Tips on Office Get Together

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Tips on Office Get Together

Look the Part for the Office Get-Together

If you are wondering what accessories to wear with your well thought out outfit for a work outing, look no further than donning an exquisite set of luxury diamond bracelets for men and other such extravagance.

No matter who it is we are meeting up with, we always want to look our best and on point with the event’s dress code. That often means Googling ‘what is smart-casual?’ and ‘can I wear dark jeans to a black tie event?’ (the answer is no, by the way). As long as you wear a smart shirt, trousers and (polished) shoes, all that you need are the accessories to make the outfit your own.

Making More than an Appearance

Working outings can be awkward, with a group of people that never normally socialise with one and other go out for a drink, and evening meal or any other type of event. While you can talk business with each other for hours, when it comes to normal day to day life, the conversation probably doesn’t flow as freely.

Make an effort with your colleagues, otherwise you may find yourself sitting their awkwardly sipping your drink for a couple of hours waiting for the first person to strike up the courage to leave. You never want to be the first one who bails out.

As well as making an effort with conversation, so too should you make an effort with your outfit. Going the extra mile with what you wear, perhaps showing off a little with some stunning Tateossian bracelets as your accessory choice will act as the perfect conversation starter.

What to do on a Work’s Night Out?

Unsure of what you can all do for a work’s night out? If so, fear not because there are plenty of possibilities outside of the usual meal and night on the town. Some of which include:

  • A day/night at the races
  • Business hospitality at a sports event
  • Film night
  • Go-karting
  • Escape rooms
  • Wine tasting
  • Camping

Something where everyone is actively taking part will make for a better atmosphere, reducing awkward silence to a minimum. If everyone is having fun, then it will make for a much better social event with your colleagues.

Formal and Informal

While these piece of jewellery are designed for the high-end market, that isn’t to say that they cannot be utilised for more informal events. That means that, if your office Christmas party is closer to an evening down the pub than the full wining and dining experience, you will still exude the same confidence without looking or feeling as though you have overdressed for the occasion.

No one wants to be that guy who forgets it’s dress down day, sitting awkwardly in your best trousers while everyone else has thrown on a pair of jeans and trainers. But then, equally, you don’t want to look too casual to the point where it looks as though you have had a slob-around day.

Comfort and class can and do go hand in hand, so worry not about over or underdressing. If you are unsure about the smart-casual dress code, we recommend a smart shirt (complete with cufflinks) and blazer jacket with dark jeans and shoes. This tried and tested combination never fails.

Be bold with your appearance and don’t be afraid to show off a little with your attire and accessories because, after all, the more heads you turn the better.


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