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Careers 101: Why A Change Is As Good As A Rest

Careers 101: Why A Change Is As Good As A Rest

If you have been slogging away in your current position for some time, you have reached the pinnacle of your career, or you are simply looking for a new challenge, your job can suddenly become less appealing than it once was. It wasn’t long ago that you used to relish getting up in the mornings, heading to the office and enjoy getting stuck into your work. Nowadays you are living for the weekend, and you are getting zero job satisfaction from the work you do for eight hours a day. Something has to give. Even if you are in your thirties, forties or even your fifties, it’s never too late to take a step back and reassess the direction that your life is taking. Take a look at these simple ways to reinvigorate your work days.

Take The Holiday You’re Owed

You need a change of scene so put in that holiday allowance form and request a couple of weeks away from your laptop. You can take a vacation, get away from it all, find yourself on a beach or venture to a destination that you’ve always fancied touring. Trying to get your mind out of work mode and into a more relaxed mental state can be tricky, so doing something completely different can help.

When you are relaxing around the pool or heading off on a pleasant walk, begin to think about what it is you want to do with your life. For forty hours a week, you are trying to be impactful in your career. Are you doing something that really keeps you satisfied? This blog post details the sorts of questions you should be asking yourself when considering a potential career change. Think about the skill set you have and try to exploit this.


Perhaps you are stuck in a rut. You may love the career path you have chosen whether this is in the realms of finance, law enforcement or graphic design. To strive for more of a challenge will often mean seeking a promotion. Securing a wage rise, more responsibility and a more meaningful job title can be difficult especially with a competitive field of suitable candidates. To make your resume more desirable, make sure you embark upon some relevant professional development. Enroll in a course, obtain a new qualification and implement what you have learned into your current role. Your boss may see you as a vital asset and, in an effort to keep you, will create a promotion opportunity for you. Alternatively, you can use your newfound knowledge and skill set to try and find new employment.

Go It Alone

You may be sick of working for the man (whoever the man is), and you might want to begin working for yourself. Rather than lining a large company’s pockets, you could seek the challenge of entrepreneurship and go it alone with the help of blogs like, taking some of your loyal contacts and clients with you. By heading down the path of self employment, you could build up your very own business empire.

You don’t have to keep slogging it out in a job you don’t enjoy. Take a step back, reassess and refocus your career path for ultimate job satisfaction.

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