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Turning Your Home Into A Stress-Free Zone

Turning Your Home Into A Stress-Free Zone

The home serves many purposes. It’s where we sleep, where we eat, and where we binge on the latest series to get our mind off of work. But it can also be one of the most effective tools available when it comes to fighting stress. You just have to make sure you’re creating the right environment as we’re going to explore now.

Make it a sanctum

If you have some space in your home, you should consider making a place for meditation. This is best done in somewhere secluded and quiet and somewhere you can sit comfortably for as little as thirty minutes every day. Meditation is more than a spiritual phase, it’s an effective technique for reducing stress. For one, the breathing techniques it teaches can reduce your heart rate and relax a tense body. However, mindfulness meditation can go even further beyond and offer you some mental space to compartmentalize your problems so they don’t feel as urgent or important.

Take care of it

As Lifehacker states, how messy or clean a home is can make a big difference, too. In particular, clutter not only makes a place feel dirtier, but it makes it feel claustrophobic and serves as a constant distraction. This works against you when you’re trying to relax. Beyond tidying it up more often, you should consider taking a minimalist approach to décor if you feel like your home is too full of stuff to really relax in.

The bedroom is for sleeping

Poor sleeping habits are one of the biggest leading factors in stress. When we don’t sleep, we don’t curb our body’s production of cortisol, the “stress hormone”. Amongst other factors, ensuring that your bedroom is fit for sleep above all else is crucial to getting a healthy nighttime routine. This means no computer screens or TVs to distract you while you’re in there. Not only do they keep the mind active, but the “blue light” they produce has been shown to have highly negative effects on sleep depth and quality.

Breathe in the air

Your air is just as important part of the environment of the home. Dusty, hot air caused by poor ventilation is going to make breathing techniques such as meditation and sleep both much harder. Odors can get in the way, too. For that reason, it’s worth reading this information from Essential Oil Haven and starting to take control of the air in the home again. Aromatherapy, in particular, has proven to be one of the most effective methods of stress relief available in the home.

Spend time outdoors

There are few better environments for relaxing and destressing than the outdoors. For one, exposure to the sky, natural light, and the time of day all help maintain the body’s clock, which makes it easier for us to sleep properly at night. However, we also have a measurable calming response to natural environments, in general. Just make sure your garden is tidy and private enough to make it right for relaxing.

Your home should be your haven. If it’s messy and cluttered or if it’s not conducive to a good night’s sleep, it can actively work against you and only add more stress. Take control of your home and take control of your life again.

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