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5 Side Jobs to Start Right Now

5 Side Jobs to Start Right Now

Side jobs are a great way to earn some extra money while you’re working on your full-time job. These jobs could be used to perfect your skills and possibly to find a new and more lucrative career.

Sometimes these jobs can evolve further and become your own new business. However, this doesn’t have to happen – it’s perfectly fine for a side gig to remain just that and to focus on it only when you have the time for it or you need the extra money.


Same day delivery jobs are gaining traction because customers are now used to getting what they need in a matter of hours. This means that there’s a need for a lot of delivery workers with flexible schedules. It’s a job everyone can work on or even start. All you need is a vehicle (that can be a bicycle) and free time.

It’s also useful for business to use the advantages of modern technology. Mobile devices could be used to order deliveries and to keep track of those using GPS systems.

Personal assistants

Those who ran businesses know that the job can be overwhelming and that they aren’t always able to keep track of all of their obligations. Things often get forgotten and personal arrangements pushed aside. This is why there’s a need for personal assistants that will help with juggling these tasks and a professional life.

The skills needed for this job are the same as with any other assistant. You need to be a person that can be counted on and that’s able to keep track of their obligations and to handle their boss. The job can be done part-time and on your own schedule.

Dog walking

Dog walking is one of the easiest side jobs out there and it pays rather well if you’re able to find clients and to organize your time. Taking care of a dog requires a lot of time and patience and busy dog owners often don’t have enough time to do it. That’s why dog walking jobs are on the rise, especially in urban areas.

It’s the perfect gig for someone who loves animals and is willing to dedicate their time to them. Dog training can also be a useful skill to have and it’s a simple way to expand this business.


At this point, the business community is truly global. Deals are made every day by businesses and entities from every country in the world. This means that the demand for a good translator is also very high. Especially for those that speak Chinese or Japanese because that’s where the new markets mostly are.

Translation can be something that you do on your own time depending on how much additional income you need and how much spare time you have. It’s also very lucrative if you have knowledge of the industry in which your employers work.


Photography is a hobby for a lot of people, but with some extra work put in, it can be turned into a side gig or even a full-time job. There’s a need for professional photos everywhere, but most people start with online photo databases that pay based on how many times your photo has been downloaded.

This is a business that you can start without any investment money; your phone is all you need at first. However, when you’re able to, you should try to invest in camera equipment and organize an online portfolio that represents your work.

These side jobs will provide you some extra income. If you really work at it, some of them can also become full time jobs.

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