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10 Tips for Making Better Music Videos

10 Tips for Making Better Music Videos

If you’re a musician, it’s highly unlikely you’ll get recognized as such if you release a song without a music video.

Fortunately, that’s not where the story ends.

Thanks to the rise of technology, there are many ways that you can make an attractive, high-quality music video on the budget without breaking the bank.

Read on for ten best tips to make better music videos and grow your fanbase.

1.     Know your fanbase

Knowing the likes and interests of your audience will get half of your work done! Ask yourself some basic questions: Who are your fans, where do they live, and what do they do for fun? What kind of do content do they enjoy?

The colors you use, the form of the video, the storyline it follows – it should all feel very natural and engaging.

Visualize the situation when your fans get to see your video for the first time – is it an evening they will spend all by themselves, a relaxing evening with friends, or maybe a party? Try to feel the atmosphere. You don’t want to bore them, so give them something that will get them going.

2.     Use the right tools

Depending on the genre you are in, the simplest solutions can sometimes prove to be the most effective. Trap, house, and techno loving crowds are more into the sound itself, and you can capture their attention on Youtube by using music visualizers to give your sound an attractive visual form.

Yet, this doesn’t mean that electro, pop, and R’n’B fans won’t know how to appreciate a great reactive visualizer video, so consider giving it a try.

Usually, when you opt for such a tool, you can access and choose from various templates You can add your logo, your name, and the name of the song to the video, and choose whether you want to emphasize the spectrum, the background, or the text overlays.

3.     Get your friends involved

If you can commit more time and energy to your video, you can use your other resources and decide to give it your best shot. And sometimes, the people you know, your friends, and others that support you can be your most valuable resource.

Some of your friends can help you out with ideas. Others may have equipment that is better than yours, or skills that can be helpful for filming purposes. Some of the people you know can make great video actors, and you can always count on your friends if you decide to throw a party and make footages of authentic people enjoying your music.

4.     Select the right location

When it comes to location, do your best to find a truly incredible site that is free of charge. It may sound impossible, but if you scout for the location long enough, you’ll definitely find an abandoned warehouse, train tracks, or trail in the nearby mountains you can film on.

Just make sure it’s not private property, and that you can legally shoot in that location.

5.     Get plenty of footage

However, when working on the budget, it is crucial to keep things as simple as possible. If you’re getting everyone together for shooting, film at a single location and during the same day, as it might be difficult to repeat it.

That’s why it’s important to make as plenty of footage as you can. Use multiple cameras, if you can afford it, or use smartphones and digital cameras to film extra angles. This way, you will have all the shots you need to move on to the editing phase.

6.     Include your fans

If you have shots of your fans enjoying your performance, your music video is a great way to use them. Your fans will be exhilarated, and so will the venues and booking agents when they are booking you for the gig.

7.     Use a high-quality camera

For shooting purposes, avoid using a regular consumer video camera. Unless you own a high-quality professional camera, see if you’re budget can cover renting one.

 Friends can be a great resource when it comes to equipment, so try to think of your tech-savvy friends who you could borrow from and maybe offer something in return.

However, if your choice comes down to shooting with a powerful smartphone and a regular consumer camera, go for the smartphone option. The phone that shoots 4K videos is nowhere near the 4K camera, but with enough creativity, good location, and storyline, you can get the job done.

8.     Use a cell phone gimbal

If you decide to film with a smartphone, use a cell phone gimbal so that your video is steady and smooth.

A gimbal will increase the value of your music video, as it will stabilize your smartphone during shooting, so the footage you record will be shake-free.

9.     Learn to edit your videos

Even if you’ve never been into video production before, learning how to edit your music videos will be a nice investment of your time and energy -you’ll have complete control over what your music video looks like once it’s done. Plus, you’ll save significant amounts of money that you would spend on editing.

Check out the video editing software such as Filmora, Final Cut Pro, or Adobe Premiere to determine which tool best fits your needs and budget.

10.     Make a teaser video

When your music video is finished, you’ll need to promote it on your social media channels heavily.

For such purposes, you can make a 15-30 sec teaser, and use it to boost the anticipation and the engagement of your fans before the big drop.

With the tips above, you have all the tools you need to showcase your next track, with little or no budget at all.

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