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Boost Your Home Value with 5 Cheap Fixes

Boost Your Home Value with 5 Cheap Fixes

Do you want to put your home for sale, but are scared of all the money you need to spend on making in presentable? Don’t worry! Here are the easiest and cheapest ways to boost your home’s value and make it ready for the market.

Fix your kitchen

The kitchen is the new living room, so make sure to do your best to make it as attractive and functional as possible. The best solution would be to replace your old cabinets and appliances with some new modern ones, but that comes with a huge price tag. Instead, repaint your cabinets in an elegant color and replace old and broken hardware with something more stylish. These inexpensive fixes will instantly freshen up the look of your kitchen and make it more interesting to buyers.

Make your bathroom sparkle

The bathroom is just as important to buyers as the kitchen is. However, a complete makeover can be quite expensive and quickly drain your budget. But, don’t despair, since there is still a lot of things you can do to improve the look of your bathroom. For instance, don’t invest in new furniture. Instead, buy a can of paint and give them a fresh coat of color or simply replace its hardware. If you’re willing to invest a few dollars more, buy new fixtures for an easy and relatively inexpensive way to boost style and functionality of your bathroom. However, probably the best way to fix up your bathroom is a real good home cleaning and also to give it a thorough scrub. It’s completely free and it can make even your dingy shower and old tiles look attractive.

Improve lighting

Most people who put their home for sale don’t even think about updating their lighting. That’s really a shame because poor and outdated lighting can ruin the whole look of your home and make even the most attractive features of your space look unimpressive. However, for less than a $100 you can get new fixtures that will modernize your home and highlight its best attributes. While you’re messing with lighting, make sure to switch from traditional bulbs to LEDs with a higher wattage. They are brighter, energy-efficient and have a much longer lifespan.

Replace your front doors

The front doors will be the first thing your potential buyers see when they come to check out your home, so make sure to leave a good impression with some new and stylish doors. If your budget allows, opt for an energy-efficient model that offers great temperature insulation, especially if you live in a place with extreme temperatures like Australia. Good doors in combination with a functional security system will certainly boost your home’s value. Just get a number of a reliable locksmith in Wentworth Point who will handle all your repairs and installations, and make sure everything is in working condition.

Boost your curb appeal

The look of your outdoor space can also be a significant factor when it comes to leaving a good impression. Many buyers value the look of your landscaping as much as they value the interior design, so bump up your curb appeal as soon as you get the opportunity. If you’re working on a budget, you can go as small as mowing your lawn, collecting fallen leaves, trimming and weeding. A shiny new mailbox also costs very little, but make a good impression. However, if you’re willing to spend some more money, you can invest in some new plants or build a water feature your buyers are guaranteed to love.

All of these home improvement ideas are easy and fast to make, and most importantly, they will not burn a hole in your wallet. In fact, spending only a few hundred dollars on these quick fixes will make your home look more attractive to buyers and bring you a great profit.


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