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Packaging: What’s On The Outside Does Count

Packaging: What’s On The Outside Does Count

When it comes to business and selling your product, what is on the outside really does matter. This is because what is on the outside is the packaging for the product that you are trying to sell, and packing is actually a really big deal. To find out more about this, read the post below.

Individual packaging

First off, how you package your product has a lot to do with the state it reaches your customers in. Of course, you will want your item to reach your customer in the best condition possible to encourage trust in your brand and customer satisfaction.

Packaging is so important because it protects the item during transit, ensuring that it retains its original condition and still a desirable purchase. To ensure your customers actually get what they pay for and not something that is unusable, a focus on the packaging of individual items is helpful.

How those individual items are wrapped, sealed, boxed, or contained is vital to ensuring that they arrive safely. That means including features within the packaging such as structural supports, pods, or protection to minimise the risk of damage to the product is a vital element of any effective packaging design.

Commercial delivery packaging

Commercial delivery packaging is focused on how large shipments of your product reach stores to then be split up and sold individually. For commercial delivery packaging, it’s important to consider two elements, the first is how the individual packages will stack up together and still protect the product inside.

For example, some individual product packing is designed to fit together end to end to create a stable unit that can then be stacked together back to back on top of each other. This ensures stability and product protection, minimising damage as they are being shipped out to retailers.

The second element of commercial delivery packaging is how these stacks of products will be protected and transported during transit. The best way of dealing with this is to provide a strong and secure container like these plywood boxes for the items stacks to be enclosed within. Then, even if the containers are layered on top of each other, they will easily support the weight of the one above and stop any crushing or damage to the product insides. Something that will ensure your product reaches your customer in mint condition and they will be satisfied with their purchase.



Making your product look the most appealing through branding is a vital element of packaging design.

Last, of all don’t forget that packaging, whatever type you choose is a prime opportunity for marketing and branding your products. That means it should include logos, images of the product, or a window in which you can see the product, as well as a call and action.

In fact, anything that can appeal to your target demographic and make your product stand out from your competitors on the shelf next to them is valuable in packaging design. This is because it can help customers choose your item over the others, and so increase your sales.

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