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5 Lifestyle Hacks for a Healthy Glow

5 Lifestyle Hacks for a Healthy Glow

Have you ever wondered how on Earth certain women manage to maintain their skin in such a pristine condition, without a single line, let alone a blackhead or a pimple? Or how they protect their even skin tone despite the sun’s harmful radiation?

Fortunately, ladies, it’s not all photoshop. Most of what you see on the magazine covers with women flaunting their impeccable complexion is, in fact, their everyday lifestyle choices. Of course, it takes time, patience and diligence to see results, but with the right mindset and some healthy habit building, and you’ll be well on your way to earning that yearned for a healthy radiance of youthful skin!

1.      Scrubs are essential

We have always been told that weekly exfoliation is more than enough to keep your skin pure and build-up-free, but the simple truth is that it’s almost impossible to attain such level of cleanliness without regular scrubs. That doesn’t mean that you need to use rough, physical exfoliators, but a famous dermatologist (the man behind Beyoncé’s complexion) says that gentle scrubs every day can go a long way.

Test out which gentle, bead-free formula is right up your alley, find a natural scrubbing material that you can use to reinforce your weekly exfoliating efforts. Think: coffee, sugar, salt, oats, these are just some among many you can use for your entire body depending on your skin type.

2. The power of beauty sleep

No matter how hard you try to craft an ideal skincare routine, all your efforts will be futile if you don’t get enough rest to let your body heal properly from all the stress. Although a single night out or an all-nighter at the office might not do too much harm, lack of sleep on a regular basis can and will wreak havoc on your beauty.

It works like a chain reaction: when you’re tired and cranky, your body will be overwhelmed with cortisol, you’ll crave unhealthy munchies during the day, frown more, and the natural processes that help repair and restore your wellbeing while you sleep didn’t get a chance to do their job. A simple way to prevent this is to stick to an 8-hour sleep schedule every night!

3. Amp up your detoxification

Your body is already a complex system working very hard to flush out toxins and useless micronutrients from your system. But while your liver, your digestive tract, and your kidneys are already doing a marvelous job, it doesn’t heart to help your body become even better at disposing the harmful ingredients you ingest every day.

You can achieve this in several ways – start your mornings with a glass of cleansing lemon-infused water, ditch alcohol and processed foods, add some high-quality probiotic powder to restore balance in your gut flora, and visit a sauna every now and then to sweat out the toxins.

4. Snack smart

We are creatures of habit, and as such, we tend to do many things automatically throughout the day, and snacking is no different. If you have access to chocolate-caramel bars, cookies and baked goodies, you’ll likely reach for them several times a day between your meals.

To prevent this habit from affecting your beautiful complexion (because processed sugars are known to be extremely harmful for your skin and overall health), throw out all the candy from your home and office, and replace them with healthy alternatives. Nuts, such as almonds and hazelnuts make for a wonderful mid-day snack and give you that energy boost while also providing your body with healthy fats, protein and fiber.

5. Put on your yoga tights

Another irreplaceable habit in your arsenal of glow-friendly hacks is, of course, regular exercise! However, if you’re not a huge fan of the gym or cardio-dominant fitness classes, you can always do some yoga, both at home and in a group with an instructor.

Yoga combines the best of both worlds – it challenges your body to build strength, endurance, and flexibility, while teaching you how to become more resilient to stress through breathing exercises. When you’re active on a regular basis, you help your body improve microcirculation, cleanse your pores, and boost your collagen production, all of which leads to stunning, youthful radiance!

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