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How to Bring Your Personality Into Your Personal Style

How to Bring Your Personality Into Your Personal Style

The clothes, hairstyle, and makeup you choose may seem random or just convenient, but they actually make a statement about you and it is one that can change often. That is why many women who make the best-dressed lists often have wildly different personal styles. The key to consciously developing a personal style is deciding exactly what you want to say about yourself and letting your appearance reflects that. It’s not as complicated as it sounds. You simply need to identify your style, stay true to your self-image, and have fun with your look.

Define Your Fashion Personality

define your own style

Every woman has a fashion personality that is uniquely her own, even if she is unaware of it. However, the most notable women choose a style and stick with it. There are a lot of fashion personalities and you can even create one of your own. Most fashionistas fall into categories like bombshells, classicists, bohemians, or rebels. They may change their accessories, hair, and makeup, but their core looks always send the same message. For example, a rebel might have boots for every occasion. Whether she adds a pair of ankle booties she found at a site like or wears cowboy boots with a sundress, her footwear is part of her signature.

Stay True to Your Individuality

Your best look will be harmonious with your personality. In other words, the outside will match the inside. An article in  points out that young people tend to follow trends, but most women understand what works for them by the time they are nearing 30. Once you find a look that feels like a fit, your look should reflect that. It is a way to tell the world how you feel and think. For instance, if your natural brown hair doesn’t provide the right feel, purple highlights might be just the thing. Everything from accessories to pajamas should make you feel authentic.

Dress to Feel Alive

Clothes, and your look in general, can make you feel alive in the moment. You can be anyone you want, every day. Just because everyone in the office wears beige, navy, or blue, doesn’t mean you can’t show up in a red suit.  Add a colorful scarf to a bland white blouse, or clip fashionable neon bobby pins in your conventional bun. And don’t be afraid to switch gears. As a Harper’s Bazaar article points out, some of the most stylish people in the world reinvent their looks when they feel like it.

Add Your Style to Everything

You may not be able to create a head-to-toe signature look for every occasion, but you can add your signature touch to any outfit. For example, if your fashion personality is rebellious, throw a biker-looking jean jacket over your summer dress and add a pair of boots. A tailored jacket and leather bag can turn a pair of jeans and a white shirt into a classic look. Shoulder-length earrings and an eye-catching necklace add just the right bohemian touch to office wear. It’s a secret that famous, fashionable women like Jackie Kennedy knew. No matter what the occasion, truly fashionable women add their personalities to their personal styles. 

Any woman can develop a personal style that reflects who she is. The key is to decide your fashion personality and then make sure your look always reflects your true self. It’s also important to have fun with personal style and never be afraid to change when it feels right.

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