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5 Style Items Every Fashionable Dad Should Own

5 Style Items Every Fashionable Dad Should Own

Being a dad usually is everything but a fashionable experience, but guess what? There are ways to look trendy and stylish without having to break the bank, so stay with us and keep on reading if you want to learn how. Here are five style items every fashionable dad should own, so check them out and enjoy!

A simple yet effective white T-shirt

Let’s be honest – there’s nothing comfier than a casual T-shirt you can rock literally any time you want, from picking up your kids from school to having a date night with your wife/girlfriend. We know that you completely agree with this claim, which is exactly why you should stock up on simple yet effective white T-shirts. These are dad fashion 101 items and wardrobe staples every man has to own, and you are no exception! The best thing about these is the fact that they’re so versatile – you can wear them both on their own and under other garments such as button-downs and sweaters. Just give them a try if you already haven’t and you won’t regret it!

A pair of perfectly fitted jeans

good posture dad

Being a dad means that you’re always on the go, which is exactly why we have to say again that comfort should be your top priority. Of course, it doesn’t have to mean that you can’t look good at the same time, and the solution to this problem is a pair of perfectly fitted jeans. These should be neither too wide nor too tight – the standard fit will definitely do the trick. As for the size, the ends of the legs should reach the half of your heel, which is how you know that you’ve picked the appropriate size. Besides that, you should also look for jeans that have a bit of stretch, which will make them even comfier yet super stylish.

An elegant leather wallet

Speaking of the accessories every dad should own, we simply mustn’t skip a timeless men leather wallet which is everything you need to keep your money and credit cards safe and under control. Such a piece simply boasts luxury, which is exactly why it has always been one of the hottest and most wanted accessories among men of all ages. If you want absolute security, you should get a wallet with a zip around closure. Of course, an internal coin compartment, small slider pockets, and a few credit card holders are highly required, too, so look for them and you’ll see what we were talking about!

Comfy underwear and good socks

fashionable dad socks

Women usually don’t understand it, but there’s a thing with men’s underwear that simply can’t be explained no matter how hard you try. Once you reach a certain age and take up a new role in life, you suddenly stop paying attention to the style and focus on comfort and coziness instead. As simple as that! No matter if you prefer briefs, boxers, or trunks, your underwear simply has to be comfy and made from breathable natural materials. The same is true for your socks, so make sure that your drawer is full of quality (hole-free!) monochromatic socks that won’t embarrass you at a parent-teacher conference!

A nice pair of shoes

Once you get proper socks, it’s about time you combined them with proper shoes, right? In fact, your footwear gets extremely important if you’re a dad with a full-time job, as wearing shoes all day long can be quite tiring – especially if they’re a bit tight and pinch your feet. That’s why you need to focus on comfort here, too, and get a quality pair that will upgrade your combos without causing any pain. Apart from these, you should also get a cool pair of sneakers that’ll allow you to run after your kids in a park. Don’t forget to buy them and you’ll instantly see their benefits!

As you can see, there are a lot of amazing style items every dad should own, but these five have found their place on our list for a good reason. Just be sure to get each one of them as soon as possible and you’ll be allowed to call yourself a fashionable dad!

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