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5 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for Picky Boyfriends

5 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for Picky Boyfriends

Ah, men. Those gorgeous bastards! We love them and (occasionally) hate them, but we can’t live without them, right? When they’re difficult and picky, they’re too much; when they’re nice – they are everything. Honestly, what would life be without their charm, strength and stability, their semi-rough hands, lean physique and smiles than can melt mountains. And – when you’ve got a real man holding your hand tight and your dignity, your dreams and persona high – you know you’ve hit the jackpot. For all the jackpot girls out there, we’ve come up with tips and present ideas that will make this Valentine’s Day sparkle with enthusiasm, excitement and delight. Yes – even if they are hella picky!

Dress like Eve, the first woman

Translation? Be naked for the day. There’s no guy on Earth who’d stay indifferent to a naked lady, and one he is proud to call his. Here’s an idea: send him a nude selfie at work, or something teasing enough to pique his interest. Caption it “I’m waiting for you to get home” and see what happens! We bet he’ll either take the rest of the day off from work IMMEDIATELY after he receives the text or that he’ll be absolutely ecstatic when he comes home. Bake Valentine cupcakes with his favorite stuffing and serve them wearing nothing but an apron. Tease him with the cupcakes by slowly feeding him, and don’t say “No” to the sex in the kitchen before you do it in every other room of the house. Say yes to all of his fantasies (yes, even THAT one) and let him salivate over the woman he can proudly call his!

Get him a bottle of Biodynamic wine

If your man is into wines and is very knowledgeable and appreciative of viticulture, he’ll be thrilled to get a bottle of biodynamic wine. What makes biodynamic special, i.e. better than other wines? The idea behind biodynamic wine making is that the entire universe is interconnected, resonating a very specific feel that unites man, wine, earth and stars and producing  incomparably tasty and quality wine. As explained by viticulture experts, “biodynamics is a holistic view of agriculture”. Still have doubts? Of course not.

Book a trip

Who could say “No” to going on a vacation or a weekend getaway, no matter how picky they are? No one knows your guy better than you, so try to recall the destinations he’s been talking about recently and book a surprise trip to there! If your budget doesn’t allow for too big a splash (hey, we get it, the economy’s tough!), opt for a weekend road trip to a neighboring country/countryside and treat your man to a real pampering experience. Book a place with a spa and a swimming pool, massage parlors and fine cuisine. Pack his stuff for him so he doesn’t have to bother doing even that, present him with the ticket and see his face light up!

Find tickets to the game

Well, this one doesn’t include you (although it could, think about it) but it does show such thoughtful, selfless love for your man! If you can’t be sure where to actually buy the tickets, talk to his best friends about the best options. Once you do manage to sort this out, present him with the tickets and show him you actually listened to each of his sports stories! If you’ve got the budget for it, buy the tickets for his best friends too and make it a bash!

Be Martha Stewart

No matter how cultured or restaurant-oriented, every man loves a home-cooked meal prepared by his Queen. You already know his favorite food and his favorite deserts, so go an extra mile to prepare everything just right. Set the table so it vibes Valentine’s Day and make the feast all about your man. If you want to take things to another level, mix food and sex – and let him see God! Dress in a French maid costume and welcome him at the door dressed like it; serve him the food in that attire as well, and then take things to the bedroom… or right there on the table. Just be careful to clean up any sharp or breakable objects like forks, knives, and glasses – you never know how heated things will get!

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovelies – we hope the advice above will help a little! P.S. Let us know how things went!

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