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Everything You Need to Know About Putting a Family Member through Recovery

Everything You Need to Know About Putting a Family Member through Recovery

Taking the steps towards putting a family member through recovery and treatment can be incredibly daunting. It can also be a moment of optimism and hope, but you may be wondering how best to support them through this process, and cope with the situation yourself. Taking guidance from the trained professionals and doing a bit of research can help you to find the best coping strategies to help you through what can be a challenging time.

Be compassionate without enabling

You may be fearful of the idea of enabling. After all, there are plenty of stories, namely in gossip magazines, about how families accidentally enabled someone who needed recovery. However, there is a way of being compassionate towards your family member without enabling them. By showing compassion in terms of listening and letting them know that their struggle is acknowledged and seen will allow them to know you are present and supportive but are there as someone to listen to and aid them in seeking out professional help.

Attend family involvement workshops

Not every family has impeccable communication skills, and sometimes addition can make this even harder. Recovery programs will often run family involvement workshops to make this process much easier. Having a trained professional in the room can help to break down barriers to communication and ensure that there’s no miscommunication in the room. Not only will it help the family member to see your side of the addiction, but also to encourage them to persist with guidance and treatment.

Continue a structured approach after rehabilitation

When your family member returns from their treatment, they will still need support and guidance from those around them. It’s said that it’s sometimes good to create a structured plan after their recovery; however, this will often be advised to you from the clinic they attended. Checking in with them, and offering assistance to support them to stick to their goals, and help for any relapses will provide a secure environment for them to persevere. If you’re unsure of how to structure this plan, then do consult professionals for advice and help on how best to support your family member.

However, this can only really be achieved if they seek professional help in the first place. Putting your family member through a professional rehab service will allow them to receive care from experienced professionals who know how to structure their detox in a way that works or them. For example, if you’re based in California, then finding a center for Drug Rehab Los Angeles will provide them with not only the tool to succeed but also a much-needed support network.

While seeing a family member struggle with addiction can be hugely troubling and daunting, it is important that they find and seek the help they require in professional terms. It’s perfectly understandable to feel ill-equipped to personally offer the support they need, which is why finding an experienced service is so important for both you and them.

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