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2019 Wedding Trends for a Wedding All Your Invites Will Talk About

2019 Wedding Trends for a Wedding All Your Invites Will Talk About

Weddings are one of the most beautiful and emotional parties you can host. They’re a testimony of love and devotion, but also an opportunity to have some fun with the people you love. It’s no wonder, then, that there are so many wedding trends. People are constantly looking for ways to impress their guests and show them a good time. If you’re getting married in 2019, you’ll definitely need the help of these trends.

1. The flowers

As we all know, flowers are something you can’t leave out of the wedding ceremony. They have the power to make the whole room appear brighter and happier just because they exist. The flowers you choose should match your theme and colour palette if you want them to have actual significance. In 2019, flowers go beyond the tables and the wedding bouquet.

The real deal is in fresh flower decoration. From adding a flower in the pocket of the groom’s suit to incorporating the flowers to the bride’s jewellery, it’s sure that flowers are here to steal the show this year.

Wedding Flower Bouquet

2. The invitations

Invitations are a big part of weddings. They’re there to excite and hype up your guests before the wedding even starts. With the right invitation, you can set a tone for the whole wedding. You’ll also be giving your guests a hint of what’s to come. This can get them curious and interested, eagerly waiting for the big day. If you’re throwing a big wedding, the invitations will have an even bigger effect on your invites.

Those who have heard about the wedding but aren’t sure they want to go can be persuaded easily with the right invitation. A quirky and well-thought-out invitation can also find itself on your family’s wall, as a token and souvenir of such a lovely event. The more unique you make your invitations, the better. Make sure your invitations reflect you as a couple and the theme of your wedding. Remember, there are no rules when creating the invitations, so let your imagination run free.

3. The destination

Where you have your wedding will leave the biggest impression on your guests. After all, the destination is the first thing people experience at the wedding. In 2019, the popularity of destination weddings is on the rise. If you’re already springing for perfection, why not have a little fun with it? Having a destination wedding also allows you to start your honeymoon a little early.

Weddings at local restaurants and hotels are simply overdone. If you want to leave a lasting impression on your guests, give them something they’ll never forget about. Travelling for a wedding is an adventure, but it’s also a fun vacation. When you change the environment, stress has a tendency to give way to curiosity and excitement. If there are two emotions you want to share with your guests on your wedding day, it’s those two.

wedding trends

4. Professional photographers

Hiring professional photographers isn’t anything new in the wedding world, but it is becoming increasingly popular. People are realizing that they can’t have the perfect wedding without the perfect photographer and doing everything they can to fix this issue. There are two main options when hiring a photographer.

You can find a firm or you could find someone like Grey Area Productions who does everything themselves. The second option may be better because photographers who do solo work tend to keep up with the latest photography trends more. They’re constantly improving themselves to bring you the best and most amazing wedding photos.

5. The wedding dress

the wedding dress might just be the most important piece of the whole wedding. Without it, perfection is unreachable. Every bride wants that dress that fits her just right and conveys her personality. This is why one wedding dress trend in 2019 is in the unique details. The more unique the details, the better the dress. Of course, there’s more than one way to be unique.

You can also wear your dress in a completely different colour. As well as that, there’s nothing stopping you from adding a cape to your outfit. Finally, if dresses aren’t your thing, you can always wear pants. 2019 is the year of originality and comfort. With a unique take on the wedding dress, each bride truly is special, instead of just being another woman in a white dress.

wedding dress


As you can see, these trends range from simple and romantic to bold and professional. Your wedding will be a day you’ll remember for the rest of your life, so it only makes sense to go all out. With trends like these, fun and success will be guaranteed. There’s nothing more intoxicating than hearing words of praise from all of your guests at the end of the party.

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