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Could Getting Extracurricular At College Be The Secret To Securing Your Dream Career?

Could Getting Extracurricular At College Be The Secret To Securing Your Dream Career?

As any employer or graduate will tell you, having a degree to your name is one of the best ways to break into high-paying industries. While there are, undeniably, careers which pay big without degrees, these are typically tough to break into and few and far between. With the right degree, though, you could soon find yourself climbing the ladder in some of the highest paying jobs.

That’s not to say, of course, that securing top positions is a given because you’ve studied. The many graduates who struggle to get their foot in the door are a testament to that. While a degree certainly can’t hurt your resume, then, it may not be enough to achieve the career of your dreams straight away.

Does that mean you’re doomed to jobs you don’t love no matter how much effort you put into your course? Of course not. While it can sometimes take a while, most graduates secure positions eventually. To make sure you do the same sooner rather than later, you may want to make use of a secret weapon during your college days.

Extracurricular activities are a fantastic way to boost prospects. They’re often what gives graduates the edge to secure interviews. But, which extracurricular activities would be most useful for your career?

Extra efforts for personal recommendations

Even taking time to form a decent student-professor relationship could see you with a personal recommendation which secures your career. You may want to volunteer to help out with lectures or attend after college events in your spare time. Either way, this can take you far. If you’re studying at medical university, the chances are that your professor will be able to recommend you to some local physicians. Even with courses like English language, your professor should be able to put you in contact with an agent if you work hard enough to catch their eye.

Networking for career needs

When you have to study and write essays, it’s easy to cast aside any networking events which your course offers. Evening dinners or voluntary pitching sessions can seem like a hassle you don’t have time for. But, these networking opportunities are invaluable for your career prospects. If you manage to catch the right eyes during events like these, you could even receive job offers ahead of graduation. At the very least, this extracurricular effort could see you with contacts to call on when you’re ready to start your career.

Internships for experience

Again, internships are something which many students discard due to time constraints. But, of all the extracurricular efforts mentioned, this is the most worthwhile. That’s because many employers value experience above all. Even if you were to spend one afternoon a week working for free in your chosen career, then, it would be well worth doing. If you impress, you may find that the company you’re interning for offer you a position. Even if not, nothing says ‘employ me’ like an internship to go alongside a qualification on your resume.

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