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Three Grocery Hacks

Three Grocery Hacks

Have you ever had a disastrous trip to the grocery store? You know how it goes: One of those days where you go grocery shopping, but everything goes wrong. The shopping cart casters are misaligned. The produce bags keep splitting. To top it all off, you’re toting a receipt for close to $400. Yeouch! Here are three easy ways to save money and add convenience to your next shopping trip.

1. Shop Online

shop onlineRemember the early days of grocery shopping online during the 90s and how crazy the concept seemed? Welcome to the future, because grocery shopping online is easy and convenient! Oftentimes there are deals online that are not available in-store, which can save money. A bonus is that many stores have the option for an associate to shop for you and all you have to do is pick up your groceries at the designated zone. This is a great solution for families that are heavy on activity but short on time.

2. DIY Some of Your Staples

Have you ever stopped to consider how much you buy at the store that you could be making cheap and easily at home? There are many DIY alternatives to everyday staples, and most of them are so easy that you will wish you had known about them before instead of wasting money. Some of these easy-to-make items include:

  • Broth. Chicken, beef or veggie broth is easily made at home and best of all, it’s all made using recycled remnants from your existing groceries.
  • Barbecue sauce. Even though nothing compares to Sweet Baby Ray’s, the truth is that barbecue sauce has very few ingredients in it and can be customized to fit your taste if you make it from scratch.
  • Seasonings. There are so many varieties of rubs, seasoning salts and spice blends available for purchase, but they are so simple to make. An added bonus is that you know exactly what is going inside of DIY seasonings, so the amount of preservatives is limited.

3. Stay Away from Name Brands

You might be a huge fan of Kellogg’s Froot Loops, but in order to save money, it might be worth switching to store-brand Fruit Rings. Making small changes in your buying patterns can make a big difference down the road. A box of Froot Loops can cost almost four dollars, while an off-brand is closer to $2.50. If you think about how many name brands you can trade for store brands, imagine how much money you will save over time.

Save money and your sanity. Try out some super-simple grocery hacks to keep your next trip from being a frustrating, expensive experience.

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