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What You Should Know About Baby Skin Care As A New Mom

What You Should Know About Baby Skin Care As A New Mom

Do you ever feel you will become a mom soon? How do you feel when you hear other women complain about the responsibilities accruing to taking care of their babies? For every new mom, taking care of a baby’s skin care can be an exhausting and overpowering experience. It meant cleaning and caring for body parts. For baby girls’ moms, the process can be a bit tedious as their private regions are incredibly delicate.

Newborn baby skin care is a matter which you have to handle delicately. As your baby’s immune system develops in the early months, you’ll want to apply the least bit of lotion and mildest cleansers. However, when eczema, dry skin, and diaper rash appear, you’ll have to treat them. You can consult your pediatrician about the time to start utilizing those products.

As a new mother, your baby needs fragrance-free and dye-free baby skin care products. Here are a few tips you have to know before you start shopping:

Carefully read labels/instructions. Baby skin care products containing fragrances, dyes, and chemicals can irritate the skin of your baby and breathing.

Natural baby skin care products are also secure for the majority of infants. However, if your family has allergies or asthma, your newborn might get sensitive to herbs and botanicals in some of baby skin care products.

Coming across the label “hypoallergenic” can be misleading. The term implies that the product is less probable to cause an allergic reaction; nevertheless, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the product is gentler on the skin when compared to other products.

Ensure the products that are phthalate- and paraben-free as those chemicals are potentially dangerous to babies.

Baby skin care products

Natural baby soaps, cleansers/washes, and shampoos: Natural baby washes and cleansers are safe and mild for newborns. However, sparingly use baby soaps, as heavy use can cause dryness to the newborn skin.

Baby lotion: This helps to moisturize the skin of newborns. For tiny newborns, use sparingly.

Petroleum jelly: This can be used to treat diaper rash as it offers the baby’s skin protection against wet diapers. You might have to apply it to the site of healing circumcision.

Diaper rash ointment: It protects newborns’ skin as a barrier to moisture, as wet diapers do not irritate. Always apply diaper ointment or cream to the inside of the diaper. The ointment will help protect your baby’s open wound (which creates unnecessary pain) from sticking to the diaper.

Baby oil: This is best used as massage oil for newborn skin, but not as a moisturizer as the skin of newborns does not absorb it well.

Baby powder: If you will be using baby powder, ensure you get powders that are talc-free. It is essential to keep it away from baby’s face. The cornstarch and talc in the powder can bring about breathing problems. Use sparingly.

Baby laundry detergent: Get baby detergents that are perfume-free and dye-free. For newborns’ skin, regular detergents can get too harsh. The same applies when choosing dryer sheets.

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