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The Productivity Post You Can’t Afford To Do Business Without

The Productivity Post You Can’t Afford To Do Business Without

Productivity in business is an absolute must. Whether you’re looking to improve your own productivity as a business owner or you want to encourage your team to be more productive, there are a number of things you can do to make sure that things are going your way.

Here are some suggestions!

Look Closely At Your Management

First things first: your management will make a huge difference to how productive your employees are if that’s what you’re trying to achieve. You can nearly always find reasons for unproductive employees in the way they are managed. Your communication needs to be top notch, you need to ensure your employees are engaged and happy, and you need to keep it that way. Take a management course if you know this needs to be improved on. Anonymous feedback could help to open your eyes!

Let In Natural Light

Natural light is far more motivating than artificial light. Open the blinds and let it flood in as much as possible.

Incorporate Living Things

You don’t have to have ‘bring your dog to work day’ (although it couldn’t hurt), but you should have plants and life in the office to perk the atmosphere up. If you do want to level up, letting an employee bring their dog to work occasionally will only reinforce a great company culture, and encourage more loyalty and a better quality of work from that employee.

Make The Work Place An Attractive Place To Be

The work place should be an attractive place, to a certain extent. If your workers are staring at blank walls and bland furniture, it’s no wonder they don’t get much done. Put up motivational pictures and make it attractive.

Work With Businesses That Help You Save Time

Save time by outsourcing work to other businesses. There are three types you should be working with from the get-go, at least. A marketing company, strategic IT consulting, and a cleaning company. While you could potentially have people in-house to do this for you, it could take away from the productivity of your team.

Encourage People To Work Standing Up

Sitting down and working may seem naturally, but it can actually zap all of the energy from a person. Incorporating ways to work standing up could be a good idea. Some companies even purchase stand up desks. These desks allow you to work and stand at the same time, keep people healthier, burn more calories, and help you to stay focused.

Follow The 2 Minute Rule

The 2 minute rule is pretty simple. If something takes less than 2 minutes, then do it straight away. Don’t put off small tasks!  

Live A Healthy Life

Living a healthy life and encouraging your employees to do so will mean everybody feels more productive and raring to go when coming into work. People who eat rubbish, for instance, usually find they experience an ‘afternoon slump’ later on in the day. People who eat well and even get some exercise in the morning, will avoid this slump and continue feeling productive through the day. Remember, a healthy lifestyle includes getting plenty of sleep.

You could encourage your employees with perks such as gym memberships.

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